Hearing aids are a medical product that gives us great advantages in our day to day life. It helps us to relate to others, to feel more comfortable at work, to enjoy music better... Of course, like any product that improves our quality of life, we must be sure that the one we choose is the right one for us. For this reason, at Claso we offer a two-week trial period so that you can experience the benefits of the chosen hearing aids and see if they are the right ones for you.

What is this trial period about?

When a person acquires hearing aids, he needs some time to adapt. At Claso, we understand this concept in two ways. On the one hand, the audiologist must increasingly fine-tune the programming of the hearing aids in order to squeeze them to the maximum and thus achieve the best hearing performance. On the other hand, the person must get used to the sound of the selected hearing aids and, especially if the user is a first-time user, to the mere fact of wearing them. At Claso, our hearing aid test is exactly that. From the first day of the test, our audiologists will act as if you had already purchased them so that you can assess the hearing aids themselves and our work as hearing professionals.

Does it have any cost to me?

This trial doesn't has a cost. There is only one exception: in the case of trying intra hearing aids and not keeping them at the end of the process, you will have to pay the cost of manufacturing as it should be done. In itself, this cost is around 100 euros.

What will we do during these two weeks?

In the first session we will make the programming according to your exact loss. In addition, we will configure certain systems of your hearing aids (noise reduction, directionality of the microphones...) according to the needs that you have told us (work, sound environments where you usually are...). Of course, we will inform you in detail about how you will live this adaptation and how the rest of the process will work: what objectives we must set and how we will achieve them. Normally, in this session we will not leave the Hearing aids at the final volume (the one you really need) but we will start at a lower level so you can get used to it. Even so, you will already notice a great improvement in your hearing.

From this initial session, we will see each other several times (usually two or three times) with two clear objectives. On the one hand, we will increase the volume until we reach the goal you need according to your loss. On the other hand, we will refine the programming so that it is comfortable for you and we will regulate the different systems that we have commented before according to what you are experiencing. At Claso, we consider that in two weeks we will have had enough time to carry out the necessary sessions to complete this entire process.

What if in the end I'm not interested in keeping them?

All you have to do is return them to us and you're done. Of course, as we mentioned before, in the case of intra hearing aids, as they are made to measure, it implies a small payment for their manufacture.

As you can see, at Claso we care about your hearing and we provide you with all the facilities so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. We understand that when purchasing hearing aids, many factors have to be taken into account and, therefore, it is not an entirely easy decision. Here we want to give you all the facilities so that you are sure of your decision.