One of the key factors when choosing a hearing aid is to know the degree of hearing loss you have. There are 3 types of hearing loss according to grade, these are expressed in Decibel (dB) or it is also common to refer to them in %, always using the standard average among the most relevant frequencies for speech:


  • Mild: 20dB - 59dB
  • Severe: 60dB - 89dB
  • Profound: 90dB - 120dB

There are 2 ways to know the degree of your hearing loss:


1. Performing a complete auditory study:


To do this you have to go either to your doctor or the most recommendable, go to your hearing center of confidence. There you will perform a series of clinical tests to determine your auditory profile and thus know the degree of loss. Both your doctor and your audiologist will tell you how much hearing loss you have after the study. If they don't specify it, always try to ask about the 3 types mentioned above.


2. Knowing how to interpret your audiometry:


If you already have a hearing report/audiometry where the graphs resulting from the study appear you can follow these simple steps to find out your level of loss.


Following the example shown here, look for the O symbol below and look for the correspondence on the vertical axis. It indicates the maximum level that will have to amplify your hearing aid and usually the threshold of your hearing loss for the right ear. In this example we would have a loss of 90 dB for the right ear and corresponding level would be that of deep hearing loss.





Similarly with the X symbol, you can find out the ear threshold for your left ear as shown in the following chart. For the example shown, the threshold would be at 80 dB and therefore, the loss would be severe.





Once you have these values ​​located, you can go back to the beginning of this post to refer to the thresholds that encompasses each type of loss and to know what your particular case is.


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