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Charger case Charge and Care

Charger case Charge and Care
Charger case Charge and Care
Charger case Charge and Care
Charger case Charge and Care
Charger case Charge and Care
Charger case Charge and Care
Charger case Charge and Care
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Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

Charge your hearing to the max

The new Charge and Care charger from Phonak is the perfect solution to keep your rechargeable Audéo in shape, whether they are from the Paradise or Marvel generation. All you have to do is put your hearing aids in the charger slots and in just 3 hours you will have them fully charged to enjoy up to 24 hours of the best hearing. In addition, it's so easy to use that your Audéo will turn off by themselves when you put them on and automatically turn on when you take them out. And not only that, this charger not only fills your hearing aids with energy but also protects them from moisture and disinfects them.

Goodbye to moisture

Whether you live in a particularly humid climate or sweat when playing sports, humidity is one of the main enemies of your hearing aids. It can cause breakdowns and internal wear that can shorten their life. A good way to avoid this is to use the Charge and Care to recharge your Audéo since, by pressing a simple button when you put them in the charger, it will apply a ventilated air flow for 2 hours to dry them to the maximum. Forget the moisture with Charge and Care from Phonak!

Takes care of your health

Each time you press the button to start the 2-hour drying cycle, you will also activate a UV light that will disinfect your Audéo. This type of light eliminates all kinds of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. In this way, it will help you take care of your health by considerably reducing the risk of infections and inflammation in your ear. Say NO to germs with Charge and Care from Phonak.


  • Super fast charging in just 3 hours.
  • A whole day of energy including streaming.
  • Rapid airflow drying and UV sanitizing cycle of 2 hours.
  • Easy to use. To charge, slide the Audéo into their slots and you're done. To start the care cycle, press a button.
  • Modern and aesthetically neat design.
  • Possibility of feeding it by USB.
  • Only compatible with Audéo Paradise R or RT and Audéo Marvel R or RT from Phonak.

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