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Claso Care Premium

Everything your hearing needs

For 5 years we will take care of your hearing, your hearing aids and your ears. By purchasing, together with your hearing aids, our Claso Care Premium hearing service, you will obtain the maximum benefits so that everything is always under control. If something happens to your hearing or your hearing aids, we will solve it immediately.
We reward your loyalty with a 500€ discount when purchasing Claso Care and the Loss and Robery Insurance for 5 years.

At Claso Audiologia, once you have purchased your hearing aids, you can choose the post-sale hearing service option that best suits your real needs.

Option 1

Choose the complete service with Claso Care Premium, you will have everything included for 5 years without any extracost. 5 years of Claso Care + Loss and Robery Insurance with a discount of 500€ per couple. According to us, the best option.

Option 2

For those who do not want to commit to such a long term, you can contract Claso Care for 150€ per year and a hearing aid and renew it whenever you want during the first 5 years. As long as you have it contracted you will also have everything included.

Option 3

You can not contract Claso Care and count on us whenever you need it, paying visits only when you consider it appropriate. Likewise, we will notify you when it time to check your hearing.

Each person is different and has specific needs, which is why at Claso Audiology not only the hearing aids are personalized to each user, but also the hearing service is as well. We know that things only work perfectly when a professional audiologist attends to your real needs in a personalized way. And we want your experience at Claso Audiología to be perfect and make you feel at home.

Doubts? Write to us and we will help you!


What does the Claso Care hearing service include?


We monitor hearing loss and adjust hearing aid accordingly, with as many visits as you need.



We're always there to address your queries and issues and discuss improvements to your hearing aid.



With Claso Care you won't just be extending your hearing-aid manufacturer's warranty, we'll also give you all the batteries you need for free.



It's very common to make adjustments to your hearing aid in keeping with your hearing loss.



To make sure your hearing aid is working properly, clear out obstructions, clean moulds, etc. Hearing aids need to be adjusted once or twice a year.



All of them, including those not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. As long as your hearing aid is not declared total sinister, you will be fully covered.



We create made-to-measure products for our customers. The moulds are included and will be adapted and renewed as often as necessary for the duration of your Claso Care plan.



If your hearing aid takes longer than 5 days to repair, we'll provide you with a replacement while yours is repaired.



We'll be with you from the word go, advising you in keeping with your needs: price, aesthetics, connectivity, size... and we'll also be there with you throughout the span the span of your hearing health.


Claso Care Premium. Everything your hearing needs.

Claso Hearing Center Right Eixample

Claso Hearing Center
Right Eixample

C/ Girona 27
08010 Barcelona
Monday to Friday 9:30 - 13:30h / 15:30 - 19:30h

Phone 93 317 65 50 WhatsApp 608 789 930

Claso Hearing Center Left Eixample

Claso Hearing Center
Left Eixample

C/ València 160
08011 Barcelona
Monday to Friday 9:30 - 13:30h / 15:30 - 19:30h

Phone 93 317 65 50 WhatsApp 655 388 875

Claso Hearing Center Les Corts

Claso Hearing Center
Les Corts

Gran Via de Carles III 57
08028 Barcelona
Monday to Friday 9:30 - 13:30h / 15:30 - 19:30h

Phone 93 317 65 50 WhatsApp 689 567 978