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Always on time Being late for falling asleep is ended thanks to Bellman & Symfo's Pro BE 1370. It is an alarm clock specially designed for people with hearing difficulties that warns you that it is time to get up by an especially high volume alarm and flashes of LED lights. In addition, thanks ..
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More than an alarm clock Being late for falling asleep has ended thanks to Bellman & Symfon's Visit BE 1580. It is an alarm clock specially designed for people with hearing difficulties that warns you that it is time to get up by an especially high volume alarm and flashes of LED lights. In additio..
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Never miss a call Geemarc's Amplicall 110 transmitter will notify you every time they call your home landline. This easy-to-install transmitter will notify you of calls through a powerful ringer that reaches up to 90 dBs and flashing lights. In addition, not only can it be used alone but it is also..
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Open the door! Geemarc's Amplicall 100 receiver is the perfect solution so that no one is left waiting at your door as it includes the Amplicall 101 doorbell. This easy-to-install doorbell sends a wireless signal to your Amplicall 100 receiver that will notify you when someone is calling at your do..
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Find out everything The Geemarc Amplicall 150 portable receiver allows you to find out everything that happens wherever you are in your home since you can place it in any room of your home or take it with you thanks to its practical belt clip. All you have to do is pair it with any transmitter in t..
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A button to your measure Geemarc's Amplicall 101 push-button transmitter will emit a warning to your Amplicall range receivers each time the button is pressed. Being small and easy to install, you can use it in different ways. You can mount it on the wall next to a door to use as a doorbell. Y..
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Safety for your baby Geemarc's Amplicall 140 monitor sends an alert to the receivers in your Amplical network every time your baby cries. Thanks to its microphone, it detects any kind of out-of-place sound, such as if your baby cries or hits hard. This transmitter requires an Amplicall 100 or Ampli..
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Take care of your baby With the Bellman & Symfon's BE 1491 monitor you can find out when your baby cries so you can comfort him as he deserves. This transmitter is part of the Visit home wireless system, so you can receive your notices on any of its receivers and in the ways that these allow you, w..
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Sleep soundly The Bellman & Symfon pillow vibrator is an accessory designed to wake you up even if you sleep like a log. Place it under the pillow and connect it to any of the alarm clocks or receivers of the Visit system and it will vibrate hard enough to wake you up. In this way, beyond being the..
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A great way to start the day One of the biggest problems people with hearing loss face is being able to hear the alarm clock. The new Vibio vibrating alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon comes to solve this problem. You just have to put it under your pillow and its vibration will wake you up every mor..
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Beat the sleep People with hearing loss face a multitude of challenges from the first minute of the day. In many cases, a conventional alarm clock is not powerful enough for you to hear the alarm. ILuv's SmartShaker 3 is here to fix it. It is an alarm clock with a vibrator that is placed under the ..
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Protect your home and loved ones The BE1481 smoke detector is a radio transmitter integrated into the Bellman & Symfon's Visit system. It detects smoke and heat, which makes it one of the most reliable alarms in the market since most only have one of these two functions. When it detects smoke or ab..
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