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AB myPilot Naída CI

AB myPilot Naída CI
AB myPilot Naída CI
AB myPilot Naída CI
AB myPilot Naída CI
AB myPilot Naída CI
AB myPilot Naída CI
AB myPilot Naída CI
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Take control

The AB myPilot from Advanced Bionics is a handy remote control for your Naída CI processor. With it, you can change the volume, sensitivity and program of your processors, either jointly or separately. In addition, if you have the ZoomControl function activated in your programming, you can control it to decide if you want to center your hearing more to the right or to the left. All this powered by an internal rechargeable battery. With AB myPilot, you are in control.

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

With the AB myPilot, you can check a good part of the operation of your processor. Thanks to the clarity of the screen and its visually intuitive design that allows you to configure the icons, you can see the different volume levels, which program is active, the sensitivity and the remaining battery charge of your processor. Also, it can be locked to avoid making any changes inadvertently. Therefore, it is not only an excellent remote control for adults but it is a perfect tool to control the proper functioning of your children's processor.


  • Compatible with Naída CI Q30, Naída CI Q70 and Naída CI Q90.
  • Control the volume, program and sensitivity of your processor.
  • ZoomControl function if it is activated in your programming.
  • Checking the status of the processor and its battery charge.
  • Rechargeable via mini USB charger.
  • Easy, visual, intuitive and configurable design.
  • It can be paired with multiple processors.
  • 100 cm. range of action as command and 40 cm. to check the status.


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