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Financial aid and subsidies in Catalonia


We explain you what each of the grants consists of and how to apply for them. Of course, we are always at your disposal to clarify doubts and help you with the procedures.

PAO financial aid guide

The PAO (orthotic prosthetic article aid) is an aid aimed at recovering skills, abilities or functions that have been impaired or lost due to a congenital or acquired disease, or trauma. Obviously, this help includes hearing loss and the different types of hearing aids and earmolds that can help alleviate it.

In the case of hearing aids, this aid is currently aimed at young people between the ages of 0 and 26. As long as the person is within this age range, the hearing aid user will be able to obtain this help every 4 years. In other words, you will be able to enjoy this help again 4 years after the last time you applied for it.

Depending on the type of hearing aid, CatSalut provides different economic amounts. It should be noted that the doctor who prescribes the hearing aid is the one who decides its format, not the hearing care professional. The rest of the concepts related to the hearing aid (brand, range of benefits, model...) are free to choose.

Next, we detail the different hearing aid aids according to format:

  • Custom digital hearing aid: 1500.00€
  • Behind-the-ear digital hearing aid: 1200.00€
  • BICROS custom hearing aid system: 2250.00€
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aid BICROS system: 1800.00€

On the other hand, these are the aids according to the mold:

  • Adapter mold for BTE hearing aid: 33.00€
  • Mold with integrated earpiece for RITE/RIC hearing aid: 121.00€

1. The patient must be visited by an ENT specialist from the CatSalut public health network. The doctor himself must fill out and deliver the pre-registration PAO, which must be signed with his own signature and stamp. In the province of Barcelona, this prescription is centralized in the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. You can see an example of this document at this link.

2. They must go to the processing unit, normally in the same health center where they have been visited, to proceed with the administrative validation.

3. In the processing unit they must be accredited and they will be given the pre-registration.

4. In an approximate period of 3-4 weeks they will receive by ordinary mail the confirmation of the granting of financial aid. They will see that there is the pre-registration that the doctor once made and the administrative validation, both with their respective copies (one to deliver at the dispensing center and the other for the user).

5. Once they have already carried out the adaptation of the hearing aids in the relevant center of their choice, they must return to the ENT specialist of the public health network who previously made the pre-registration for them to carry out the health validation.

6. The doctor will ask for the pre-registration that they have received by mail to put another stamp on them and sign as the adaptation has been carried out successfully.

7. With the pre-registration stamped and double signed, together with the administrative validation, the center where they have attended will be able to process the financial aid and deduct the relevant amount from the invoice for their hearing aids.

You can see more information at this Gencat website link.

PUA financial aid guide

It is an economic aid from the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat of Catalonia within its Social Care Program for People with Disabilities (PUA). It is a grant that is convened annually and seeks to provide financial aid to acquire products that allow the development of personal autonomy of people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities. In this way, it seeks to improve their quality of life and promote their social integration. Of course, this help includes hearing loss and the different types of hearing aids that can help alleviate it.

All people with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, be it physical, mental or sensory, are entitled to. This degree of disability must have been recognized by the Generalitat before the age of 65. This help PUA covers a wide range of disabilities and therefore each type has specific access requirements to meet. These specific requirements may change from one year to another.

The benefit consists of a fixed amount for the acquisition of the hearing aid up to an economic maximum that is marked in each anouncement. Normally, this aid is around 1000 € in the case of hearing aids. This aid is granted according to the economic income of the person with a disability, as well as their social conditions. The income of the family unit will be taken into account if they are in the charge of the beneficiary.

When the call is made (normally during the first half of the year), the application must be submitted together with all the requested documentation at any Citizen Service Office of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat or at the Social Affairs Offices. They can also be presented through the Post Office. The documentation necessary for each type of article must be consulted at the time of the call since it may change from one year to another.

It must be taken into account that each year, when the call for PUA aid is issued, it is specified in terms of which articles the aid can be requested, what maximum economic amount can be received and what requirements must be met in order to access it. The list of aid that can be requested is very extensive (early care and rehabilitation, personal assistance, purchase of a vehicle, housing adaptation, etc.). They are complex and vary every year so it is better to inquire at any Social Welfare and Family office to find out if what is needed at that time can be covered by the PUA.

On the other hand, the PUA has a section to be able to request aid that does not appear in the chapters or to do so outside the established deadlines. The urgent need for it must be justified.

You can find all the necessary information about this aid, as well as its call, in this link.

If you have any further questions, leave us your information or visit us at any of our centers in Barcelona.

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Financial aid and subsidies in Catalonia P.A.O. and P.U.A.