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Claso 17 Apr 2024 0 357
Being a father is a drastic change in life. Children bring an indescribable amount of happiness and well-being, but at the same time new worries and insecurities are also generated, especially related..
Claso 03 Apr 2024 0 881
The latest Integrated Xperience platform arrives with Signia. Platform that allows users with hearing loss to enjoy their hearing without interruptions and with complete comfort. Currently you can get..
Claso 28 Mar 2024 0 697
Did you know that when a baby is born in Spain, they undergo a series of tests to verify that they do not have any hearing problems? This is Neonatal Screening and it is a crucial medical procedure be..
Claso 25 Mar 2024 0 993
Bernafon, the fantastic Swiss hearing aid brand, surprises us with its new products once again. This time with a new platform full of improvements that offer us what every person with hearing loss is ..
Claso 19 Mar 2024 0 1275
This month, as you have seen, is full of news from Phonak. In the previous post we published we presented what's new on the Lumity platform, the platform that captivated us with its sound quality and ..
Claso 15 Mar 2024 0 1201
The extraordinary Lumity platform seems to have no end, and we love it! Phonak with its new platform has given us excellent results along with the happiness of many customers, and of course we want to..
Claso 12 Mar 2024 0 4147
The acronym CREDA stands for Educational Resource Center for Hearing Impairments. If you live in Catalonia and you are the parent or legal guardian of a deaf child or as a teacher you are in charge of..
Claso 08 Mar 2024 0 1337
Right now you may be questioning the existence of this publication, because at first it seems like a very obvious question. If this is your reaction when reading the title, you will probably be surpri..
Claso 05 Mar 2024 0 1695
For the pool, for work, for sleeping… Custom hearing protectors are an excellent way to take care of your hearing, thus preventing possible future damage. And it is that each person's ear canal is dif..
Claso 01 Mar 2024 0 1133
Hearing loss from birth (congenital hearing loss) is one of the most common sensory disorders in developed countries. It is estimated that in Spain 1 in every 1,000 children are born with this conditi..
Claso 28 Feb 2024 0 1131
When we talk about hearing aids, we all imagine the device that is placed in the ear and that helps people with hearing loss hear, but, have you ever stopped to really think about what its components ..
Claso 23 Feb 2024 0 1379
In cinemas, theaters, meeting rooms, churches, receptions... The telecoil is a great invention for people who suffer from hearing loss to hear more easily through their hearing aids or implants.Althou..
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