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Claso 17 Jun 2022 0 2435
¡Claso Audiology expands! We have many reasons to feel happy. At Claso Audiología, we have been listening to people for more than thirty years; we were born in Barcelona, in Girona Street, near plaza..
Claso 20 May 2021 0 5023
There are people who express a little annoyance to us with the noises around them once they put on hearing aids, especially if they are first-time users. In some cases it is continuous ambient noise ..
Claso 29 Jan 2021 0 11637
When a person detects that they have hearing problems, they always ask the same question: Where should I go? To the ENT doctor or the audiologist? Opting for one of the two options without being sur..
Claso 27 Jan 2021 0 5293
Did you know that more than 11% of the Spanish population suffers from some type of hearing loss, but only 30% use hearing aids? On many occasions we suffer from hearing loss but we do not give it i..
Claso 12 Dec 2020 0 4592
Prevention is always a good idea. Also when we talk about hearing health. So to be on time for possible problems, hearing screenings are key. If you are wondering what to do before an audiometry, we h..
Claso 30 Apr 2020 0 2910
Recientemente desde la asociación de usuarios de audífonos han querido conocer la opinión Mario Pifarré, actual Director de Claso Audiología. Aquí os dejamos la transcripción entera, o..
Claso 27 Feb 2020 0 17834
When faced with so many options, hesitation is the norm. The important thing is to have a hearing health professional, who will advise you and recommend the most suitable for your case. Our objectiv..
Claso 04 Dec 2019 0 9072
Ear noise is a disease that affects millions of people around the world. This symptom also receives other names, such as tinnitus. Below we talk about the causes and treatments for this type of ailmen..
Claso 22 Oct 2019 0 24583
Ménière's syndrome or disease is a disorder of the inner ear. It is considered a chronic disease of unknown cause. Symptoms can be improved if treated.Common symptoms include:Dizziness Loss o..
Claso 03 Mar 2019 2 65197
Every year on 3 March, International Hearing Day is celebrated with the aim of raising awareness about the prevention of deafness and therefore hearing loss. Of course, we who are passionate about h..
Claso 07 Jun 2017 0 4517
When we detect that we don't hear well or that we hear worse than before is something that, as a general rule, we only feel comfortable talking about with our closest friends or relatives. Accepting ..
Claso 01 Mar 2017 0 5361
  When we start detecting to have hearing loss, some doubts arise. And it is normal, we are noticing a change in ourselfs and as in any new situation, we need answers. Surely the first thoug..
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