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Discreet control for your hearing aids The RC-A remote control allows you to change basic settings in a discreet and simple way, without having to touch the buttonpad of your Bernafon hearing aids. With just three buttons, you can change the volume of your hearing aids, their program in use and mut..
Ex Tax:140.50€
A multipurpose accessory The Soundclip-A is a multifunctional accessory for your Bernafon hearing aids. On the one hand, you can pair it with your mobile and thus use it as a wireless headset with a hands-free function. You will talk on the phone comfortably and you will also listen to music or vid..
Ex Tax:219.01€
Don't turn up the volume The TV-A adapter is an accessory for your television that emits its sound directly to your Bernafon hearing aids. Thanks to its reliable 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection, it offers sound transmission perfectly synchronized with the image. With the TV-A you can enjoy clear and c..
Ex Tax:214.88€
Don't miss a word Sometimes it is difficult to maintain a clear conversation by taking a walk on a busy shopping street or having a coffee on a terrace. There is too much noise. Other times it is difficult to understand a co-worker who presents such an important plan for your company or that speake..
Ex Tax:256.20€
Don't miss anything The Micro Mic is a personal microphone that transmits a person's speech directly to your ReSound hearing aids. It is a light and discreet clip that the interlocutor can wear on clothes or hung with a cord. In this way, understanding is greatly improved by eliminating much of the..
Ex Tax:259.09€
An all-terrain microphone The Multi Mic is a versatile microphone that improves your understanding as it transmits speech directly to your ReSound hearing aids so that you can overcome the difficulties generated by ambient noise or distance. As we do not always communicate with the same number of p..
Ex Tax:336.36€
Stop turning up the volume on your TV The Connect 3.0 TV adapter is an accessory that connects to your TV to stream its sound directly to your compatible Oticon hearing aids with TwinLink technology. The sound is perfectly synchronized with the image thanks to its stable 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectio..
Ex Tax:227.27€
A multifunctional accessory ConnectClip is the ultimate accessory for your Oticon hearing aids compatible with TwinLink technology. On the one hand, if your mobile is not compatible with the direct Bluetooth connection of your Oticon hearing aids, you can pair it with your mobile and thus enjoy you..
Ex Tax:206.61€
Control your hearing aids easily The Remote Control 3.0 allows you to control the basic actions of your Oticon hearing aids with Bluetooth connection in a simple and discreet way. With its intuitive design of only three buttons, you can change the volume of your hearing aids, choose which program y..
Ex Tax:140.50€
Compatible with all Phonak Venture(V) and Belong(B) hearing aids.The Phonak ComPilot II is the all-in-one streaming and remote control accessory for Phonak Venture hearing aids. It can receive speech and music from all Bluetooth enabled audio sources (cell phones, MP3 players, TV streamers, tabl..
Ex Tax:238.84€
Easy and discreet control There are situations in which you like to be discreet. In addition, you do not like to complicate your life when performing actions that should be simple. Phonak RemoteControl allows you to make small changes in the operation of your hearing aids, such as changing the volu..
Ex Tax:219.01€
Turning up the volume of television is over The Phonak TV Connector emits the sound of the television directly to your Marvel or Paradise hearing aids, preventing you from having to increase the volume in excess. Thanks to the latest AirStream technology, it performs high-quality and extremely reli..
Ex Tax:128.10€
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