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TV headsets

Your + in sound experienceWant a better program? Zap. Want better sound? Get a Sennheiser. – The Flex 5000 empowers your wired headphones to give you a dramatically enhanced TV sound experience. Just plug them in and you are able to customize your audio according to your requirements, with a cho..
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Your + in TV sound experience As we get older, it becomes more difficult for our ears to pick up sounds and voices. But when we turn up the TV volume, we often disturb others – our partners, our neighbors. The Sennheiser Set 860 solves this dilemma. It not only enables you to set the volume to your..
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Your + in home entertainment sound experience As we age, our ears need some assistance in order to pick up speech effortlessly or enjoy music to the full. This is not only a matter of overall volume but also of processing the audio signal as a whole. So, just turning the TV louder is no solution, a..
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Sound clarity In addition to having a volume that reaches up to 100 dB, TVS 200 features its Speech Clarity technology that increases the highest frequencies so you can enjoy clear dialogue, even if there is background noise or the actors mumble. To do this, you can choose between five different se..
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