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*Up to 36 months with 2% formalization commission. Minimum amount € 150.
Example of financing for € 1800 in 36 months. Commission of formalization 2% (€ 36)
to be paid together with the first month. Monthly payment € 50 (first installment € 86).
Total amount due € 1836. Interest subsidized by Claso Audiologia, S.L.
Offer valid until 31/12/2023.

Finance your hearing aids WITHOUT interest

Buy your hearing aids with a comfortable Payment Plan

Buy at Claso with financing facilities. Up to 36 months interest-free, you can choose to pay in 12, 18, 24 o 36 months, also without interest. Choose the number of installments that suits best you and get your payment plan WITHOUT interest.

Finance your purchases at Claso. Buy what you need and pay it in comfortable installments, quickly and easily. We will process your request in less than 24 hours once the documentation is received.

¿How it works?

    Make your purchase and when selecting payment method select 'Payment Plan'.

  2. PAYMENT PLANS UP TO 36, 24, 18 or 12 MONTHS 
    Available for orders obove 150€. Minimum monthly payment 15€.

    At the time of placing your order you can see the calculation of the fees to be paid on the same product page. When you are in the final part of the purchase process, select 'Payment Plan' as the payment method and follow the instructions.

    Once the online order is formalized, you must send the digitalized documentation to Once received, we will contact you to verify all the data and the number of desired installments.

    When the transaction has been accepted you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone with a code that you must comunicate us to complete the process. Then, we will contact you again to save your fitting date.

Purchasing process

By browsing, you can view the features of the products and services of your interest, and add them to your shopping cart.

As with any purchase through our page, if you are already a customer, you must enter your registration email and password, otherwise you must create your account. Next, confirm your billing address. Next, choose the option 'Payment Plan' as the payment method and continue with your purchase.

On the same screen you will see a summary of your purchase and, once you verify that all the data is correct, you will need to accept our Terms and Conditions.

Necessary documentation

Processing process

  • Place the order through the online platform of selecting the payment method Payment Plan.
  • After receiving the confirmation of the order by email send the following documentation to or by Whatsapp App to 608 789 930:
    1. DNI on both sides or residence card (for foreign residents).
    2. Proof of income (last payroll -personalized-, last statement of income -autonomous-, or letter of revaluation of the pension -retired-).
    3. First page of the Bank Book or a direct debit with the IBAN code and the contract holder, which must be the same as the bank account holder.
  • Once the documents are received, Claso will process the financing and you will receive an SMS to the mobile phone with a pre-authorization code that you will have to inform us in order to finish the process.

Operation not pre-authorized.

If once processed the documents, the firm do not pre-authorize the operation, we will contact you to let you know.

Important information

Hearing aids are a medical device that must be fitted by a qualified professional. Your hearing aids will be fitted remotely through the manufacturer's app or in a hearing care center of your choice, in person and taking into account your personal case, the programming of the shearing aids will be exclusive for you and will respond to your personal needs.

If you buy online you can benefit from financing WITHOUT interest at all hearing care ClaSo clinics, on the contrary, you can only request it in person at the Hearing Centers of Barcelona, at Calle Girona 27 and Balmes 297.

If you still do not know the hearing solution you need, save your date at any of our clinics and we will make a complete hearing examination for free in order to establish your hearing profile and can advise you with the best solution.