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Plugs for Musicians

Protection tailored to your needs Both hearing protection of your ear and the need to communicate are essential for any musician. The custom earprotech® ER hearing protectors have been developed for those who need to protect their hearing without compromising the fidelity of their music. These prot..
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Adapt your protection as you need You've experienced flat attenuation first-hand and fully understand the benefits of the ER ™ Series custom hearing protectors. It may be that you want to enjoy different levels of attenuation depending on the situation and for this you only have to choose different..
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Music for your ears If you need to have replacement filters for your excellent Serenity Choice Music Plus custom earplugs, we offer you a bag of 10 identical units for your protectors. You can choose between three different levels of attenuation: 15 dB, 20 dB or 25 dB.FeaturesReplacement fi..
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