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Guide to try Hearing Aids Free

At Claso Audiología we are aware of the importance when someone decide to solve its hearing problem with hearing aids.
Hearing aids are health products that help us recover lost hearing capacity. Listening correctly again has many advantages, including increasing self-esteem, avoiding social isolation, improving communication with others and, above all, reconnecting with our lives.
That is why we offer a 15-day trial period. A test that will allow you to experience first-hand all the advantages offered by hearing aids that are well adjusted to your particular case.

What is this trial period about?

When a person acquires hearing aids, he needs some time to adapt. At Claso, we understand this concept in two ways.
On the one hand, the audiologist must increasingly fine-tune the programming of the hearing aids in order to squeeze them to the maximum and thus achieve the best hearing performance. On the other hand, the person must get used to the sound of the selected hearing aids and, especially if the user is a first-time user, to the mere fact of wearing them.
At Claso, our hearing aid test is exactly that. From the first day of the test, our audiologists will act as if you had already purchased them so that you can assess the hearing aids themselves and our work as hearing professionals.

Does it have any cost to me?

This trial doesn't has a cost.
There is only one exception: in the case of trying intra hearing aids and not keeping them at the end of the process, you will have to pay the cost of manufacturing as it should be done. In itself, this cost is around 100 euros.

What will we do during these 15 days?

During the first fitting we will fit the hearing aids based on your hearing loss and we will take your experience into account to fine tunning. If we see that you need custom-made moulds, we will recommend it to you so that you can opt to the best option and to make you try it with the maximum guarantees of success.
During the two weeks that the test lasts, we will make many appointments to assess the performance and thus confirm that the adapted solution is correct and the best for you. Our audiologists are hearing health professionals who will accompany you at all times and will solve all your doubts that will arise.

And if at the end they don't convince me?

As we have already told you, there is no cost for the test and you can return them at no cost (except for custom-made products that do have a cost). Although we are sure, because experience shows us, that when things are done correctly from the beginning, the tests are always successful, that's why we work with the goal of test-success. Our working method always allows us to obtain the maximum hearing performance from any user.
It is important to emphasize that beyond the subjective opinion of the user conditioned by their previous expectations, we will evaluate the performance obtained objectively. So that we can be sure that we are obtaining the maximum performance for your specific case, we will explain it to you in detail.

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Claso Hearing Center Right Eixample

Claso Hearing Center Right Eixample

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Claso Hearing Center Left Eixample

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Guide to try Hearing Aids Free