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Replacement antenna for Phonak Compilot and Compilot II accessories.With prolonged use it is normal for the original antenna to deteriorate and the reception of the sound in your hearing instruments is not completely clear. If you see that your antenna is worn or does not fit well with your Compilot..
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Turn your hearing aids into headphones The Geemarc CL Hook 3 acoustic coupler will allow you to listen to any sound source with a 3.5mm headphone output through your hearing aids or cochlear implants directly. It's as simple as placing it like a hook on top of your ears next to hearing aids or impl..
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Minicontrol is an accessory compatible with the 'nano' custom formats of Phonak, Virto V nano or Virto B-Titanium. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear, you can take it as a keychain along with your keys.To use it, it is necessary to unscrew the end and extract the tool from inside. Then you ha..
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