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Claso 09 Mar 2022 0 4966
Among all the questions that new users ask us, one of the most repeated is whether the ear will become lazy when wearing hearing aids. It is logical that first-time users have this doubt since it is ..
Claso 04 Oct 2021 0 11702
What do you think when you hear the expression "hearing aids for the deaf"? This phrase, much more common than it seems, puzzles us a bit at Claso. Since we keep hearing it, we wanted to bring it to ..
Claso 12 Nov 2020 0 6659
Have you ever wondered why one hearing aid is more expensive than another? What determines its price? In today's article, we will address a topic that raises many questions and still contains some my..
Claso 14 Jun 2017 0 13803
First of all we will clarify the concept "Sonotone". This word is part of the street vocabulary to refer to a "hearing aid" but the reality is different. The word "Sonotone" originates from an Ameri..
Claso 11 Jan 2017 0 6922
​ We brand the year - happy 2017 to all! - with new section in our blog. We have long turned into the topic of urban legends related to audiology and hearing aids, and we have decided to dedicate ..
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