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Urban legends

Claso 04 Oct 2021 0 861
What do you think when you hear the expression "hearing aids for the deaf"? This phrase, much more common than it seems, puzzles us a bit at Claso. Since we keep hearing it, we wanted to bring it to ..
Claso 12 Nov 2020 0 2799
Have you ever wondered why one hearing aid is more expensive than another? What determines its price? In today's article, we will address a topic that raises many questions and still contains some my..
Claso 14 Jun 2017 0 10174
First of all we will clarify the concept "Sonotone". This word is part of the street vocabulary to refer to a "hearing aid" but the reality is different. The word "Sonotone" originates from an Ameri..
Claso 11 Jan 2017 0 4047
​ We brand the year - happy 2017 to all! - with new section in our blog. We have long turned into the topic of urban legends related to audiology and hearing aids, and we have decided to dedicate ..
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