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Claso 16 Dec 2021 0 1464
On many occasions, audiologists are faced with cases where the person shows a total (or practically total) hearing loss in one ear while in the other one has a healthy ear. In practice, this means th..
Claso 30 Oct 2018 0 3887
The new technological advances in Bluetooth audiology Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and of course, also in the world of hearing aids, improving products and optimizing usability..
Claso 12 Dec 2017 0 6823
 In the month of September, Phonak, the flagship brand of the Sonova group, presented its new Audeo B-Direct hearing aid model. This model is integrated as another format within the Audeo range of..
Claso 06 Sep 2017 0 3208
 Now is the time of the year so long awaited for some and so hated for others... It is time to start preparing things to make a good start and we believe that it's a perfect moment to explain how ..
Claso 19 Apr 2017 1 7842
 Hearing aids, to capture distant sounds directly, have connectivity. On this post we already talked about the connectivity linked to the technological advances of hearing aids and their operation..
Claso 30 Dec 2016 0 4209
In recent years, the major technological advances on hearing aids have been focused on the connectivity performance, for example the ability of the hearing aid to connect to the digital environment w..
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