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Children and hearing loss RSS Feed

Claso 20 Jul 2022 0 33718
As hearing professionals, at Claso we have been learning what it means to have hearing loss for more than thirty years. And we do it not only through the performance of our profession and the knowled..
Claso 14 Oct 2021 0 3515
Welcome! Our online hearing test is the first step to find out if you are a perfect listener. It will only take 10 minutes!Now that you're here, we invite you to take an online hearing te..
Claso 30 Jun 2021 0 3955
Otitis in infants occurs when there is inflammation in the ear, either with or without infection. It is characterized by being very annoying, which increases the child's irritability, especially at ..
Claso 25 Oct 2019 0 6565
Childhood hearing loss is more common than we think. It is often detected in hearing tests performed on babies during their first days of life, although it is true that in most cases it arises as a r..
Claso 15 Feb 2019 0 3618
 Every year 2,500 babies with a hearing impairment are born in Spain. Early diagnosis is the key to finding the best technological solution for the child but, at no time, should we leave communica..
Claso 08 Feb 2019 0 4649
 The human being is social by nature, so he needs to relate to others to survive. For this reason, the fact of hearing well becomes a fundamental aspect when it comes to relating with others.But..
Claso 28 Jan 2019 0 31169
Today at Claso we’ve decided to talk to you about Otoacoustic Emissions. This term, which at first may sound complex, is not only simpler that it seems, but its use is also widespread in the world of..
Claso 27 Dec 2018 0 4093
Although we would like it to be otherwise, for obvious reasons, life sometimes shows us realities that we would prefer not to see. This is especially true when young children are affected, as they ..
Claso 02 Nov 2016 0 5661
 Make a child hearing test is not easy: children can not explain what they feel; even if you ask them, they do not raise their hands as adults when hearing a sound; They will not tell you anyt..
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