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Hearing loss is a natural consequence of aging. It can start at 30 or 40 years old. Thus, when we reach 80, half of us will suffer from a significant hearing loss along with social, psychological and physical problems.

Claso 01 Jul 2024 0 1794
The sun, the heat, the sweat, the salt water of the sea, the sand on the beach, the days spent at the family pool... Will your hearing aids be able to withstand the intensity of summer completely? A s..
Claso 17 Jun 2024 0 2411
16 years ago we opened our first center in the heart of Barcelona and today our objective remains intact. We continue seeking to do what we love so much: helping people from our field of specializatio..
Claso 12 Mar 2024 0 11032
The acronym CREDA stands for Educational Resource Center for Hearing Impairments. If you live in Catalonia and you are the parent or legal guardian of a deaf child or as a teacher you are in charge of..
Claso 08 Mar 2024 0 1972
Right now you may be questioning the existence of this publication, because at first it seems like a very obvious question. If this is your reaction when reading the title, you will probably be surpri..
Claso 05 Mar 2024 0 2278
For the pool, for work, for sleeping… Custom hearing protectors are an excellent way to take care of your hearing, thus preventing possible future damage. And it is that each person's ear canal is dif..
Claso 19 Feb 2024 0 3774
Once it is known that someone has hearing loss, the next step is to find a solution. If you are in the process of treating hearing loss, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with and educate you..
Claso 12 Feb 2024 0 2319
A child's educational process begins in the family and continues at school. Both parties are necessary so that the results obtained in education are correct. Parents are generally responsible for prom..
Claso 02 Feb 2024 0 1874
Have you ever wondered if your hearing problem may have been caused by some external factor? Have you suspected that your problem may be related to when you started taking medication? Among all the nu..
Claso 31 Jan 2024 0 3340
Hypoacusis (hearing loss) is a more common sensory disorder than we think. The WHO estimates that more than 5% of the world's population (about 430 million people) suffer from disabling hearing loss a..
Claso 26 Jan 2024 0 1996
In Catalonia there are two financial aids to facilitate the acquisition of your hearing aids. Today in this publication we are going to talk about one of them, specifically the PAO aid (Provision of O..
Claso 19 Dec 2023 0 3580
“I'm not deaf because I hear, the problem is that I don't understand.” It seems that behind this phrase hides a feeling of frustration due to the loss of hope in fixing the problem and recovering soci..
Claso 02 Feb 2023 0 7185
Ear allergies can be a frustrating problem for those who wear hearing aids. Allergic reactions can cause itchy, red, and even discharge in the ears, making it uncomfortable or even impossible to wear ..
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