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Audiology Blog

Claso 12 Dec 2019 0 3048
Taking care of your hearing aids is a very simple task that will prolong the life of your hearing aids. Taking a few precautions and devoting only a few minutes to them a day can prevent them from m..
Claso 10 Dec 2019 10 142053
Serous otitis, also called secretory otitis media, is a problem that occurs in the middle ear. It is the accumulation of mucus in the ear, which can lead to problems of varying severity. We will tal..
Claso 09 Dec 2019 4 10902
At Claso we continue with our tireless mission of telling you everything we can about the different ailments, illnesses and injuries related to hearing. Go ahead, we don't do it with any intention o..
Claso 05 Dec 2019 0 5412
The telecoil of hearing aids is a system that allows better hearing in some circumstances. A specific device, called a magnetic loop, transforms a sound signal into a magnetic field that is perceive..
Claso 04 Dec 2019 0 5381
Ear noise is a disease that affects millions of people around the world. This symptom also receives other names, such as tinnitus. Below we talk about the causes and treatments for this type of ailmen..
Claso 28 Nov 2019 0 5227
If when you hear about a cochlear implant you have thought about a hearing aid, we have to tell you that they are two very different devices. The implant itself is able to do the work of the inner e..
Claso 25 Nov 2019 0 2746
Decreased hearing can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. It is common for a certain amount of ability to be lost as the years go by or after being subjected to loud sounds for a prolonged p..
Claso 21 Nov 2019 1 6824
Ringing in the ear affects millions of people around the world. In Spain alone, it is estimated that 20% of the population suffers from them, especially those living in urban areas. What causes them? ..
Claso 19 Nov 2019 0 4776
Today buying good hearing aids is within reach of many more people. Although there are very advanced models, with an infinity of features, there are also simpler and therefore cheaper ones. At Claso..
Claso 18 Nov 2019 2 31679
Did you know that when Beethoven premiered his Ninth Symphony he was already totally deaf? In fact, he had to turn around to see how the audience applauded and discover that the concert had been a s..
Claso 15 Nov 2019 0 15919
Some people are more likely to generate earwax in the ear. It is possible for wax to build up in large amounts and block the ear canal. If this happens, it needs to be cleaned, but not in any way. Th..
Claso 14 Nov 2019 0 3837
Thanks to technology, today it is very easy to wear hearing aids without anyone noticing. But not only that, it also allows you to enjoy exceptional sound. The discretion and quality of the new mode..
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