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Claso 03 Aug 2021 0 17069
If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may still be adjusting to this new situation. Take your time and try to do it as naturally as possible because at this stage, you don't have to miss..
Claso 27 Jul 2021 0 7888
Hearing aids are a medical product that gives us great advantages in our day to day life. It helps us to relate to others, to feel more comfortable at work, to enjoy music better... Of course, like a..
Claso 19 Jul 2021 0 6963
Summer is here and with it comes the heat. And there are also the different methods to try to overcome the suffocation it causes. Without a doubt, the best way to cope with the high summer temperatur..
Claso 17 Jul 2021 0 15075
Have you ever stopped to think about how many noises you hear throughout the day? If you want, you can try it now. Remember all the situations you live and almost certainly, in most of them, there w..
Claso 09 Jul 2021 0 18448
Maintaining your hearing aids well is the best way you have to ensure their proper functioning and extend their useful life. Your hearing care professional can help you in this task through the peri..
Claso 30 Jun 2021 0 6099
Otitis in infants occurs when there is inflammation in the ear, either with or without infection. It is characterized by being very annoying, which increases the child's irritability, especially at ..
Claso 28 Jun 2021 0 16178
As a society, we are increasingly aware of the health problems that can result from noise. Information campaigns have been carried out and laws have been created. Right now, it is mandatory that compa..
Claso 16 Jun 2021 0 1698
It must be clear that the acquisition of hearing aids is not only the purchase of a product since they will have a great influence on our quality of life. For example, if we buy a television, we can ..
Claso 08 Jun 2021 0 4867
Vestibular migraine affects 1% of the population and combines episodes of vertigo, dizziness and headache, and can last up to 72 hours. It is caused by a disorder in the vestibular system, located i..
Claso 20 May 2021 0 6878
There are people who express a little annoyance to us with the noises around them once they put on hearing aids, especially if they are first-time users. In some cases it is continuous ambient noise ..
Claso 18 May 2021 0 41926
We know that ringing in the ears or tinnitus can be very annoying, so today we want to talk to you about 3 very simple exercises to end them. Tinnitus, also known as tinnitus, are those high-pitched ..
Claso 11 May 2021 0 15419
When it comes to enjoying Hearing aids, comfort turns out to be quite an important factor. It is still an object that you have lodged in your ear for many hours a day. One of the most important chall..
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