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Audiology Blog

Claso 06 Mar 2020 0 4230
February is the shortest month of the year but it has ended with great news. As always, we want you to be the first to discover the next release that will revolutionize the audiology industry. Get re..
Claso 03 Mar 2020 0 2009
Como lluvia los besos de mi amor, y bajo cada beso que se encienda un nuevo resplandor, como una estrella.”We never usually begin like this, with poetry, but from time to time it is necessary to sto..
Claso 27 Feb 2020 0 11153
When faced with so many options, hesitation is the norm. The important thing is to have a hearing health professional, who will advise you and recommend the most suitable for your case. Our objectiv..
Claso 26 Feb 2020 0 4493
It goes without saying that hearing aids are important for all those people who are hard of hearing. We have talked at length about this. The cases that are perhaps not so clear, but, are those in wh..
Claso 19 Feb 2020 0 5464
Would you like to attend a premiere? The leading Phonak hearing aid brand has introduced Virto Marvel Black and we at Claso want you to be the first to know about this launch. It is not a hearing aid..
Claso 18 Feb 2020 0 12940
Serous otitis is a very common disease in children. Sometimes it is completely asymptomatic, while other times it is accompanied by an infection that can cause hearing problems. At certain stages of ..
Claso 14 Feb 2020 6 31494
Itchy ears are a very annoying condition that many people suffer from. It is also known as otic eczema. There are many reasons that can lead to this problem, but the most common is an alteration in th..
Claso 31 Jan 2020 1 11377
There are different problems related to the ear, which in addition to involving discomfort and pain, can lead to hearing loss. In the following lines we will talk about one of them, you will know wh..
Claso 29 Jan 2020 0 2763
Many people are exposed to different levels of noise that are disturbing to them. Sometimes because they are unable to sleep, while other times they are so loud that they can damage their ears. For ..
Claso 22 Jan 2020 0 30415
Tinnitus is a phenomenon that consists of the perception of an uninterrupted sound that does not come from any external source. It is a subjective auditory perception, because the tinnitus exists, b..
Claso 20 Jan 2020 0 13116
An otalgia is an earache that can be felt in any part of one's ear, inner, middle or outer. These conditions are not always related to disease or infection. However, it is necessary that if you feel t..
Claso 27 Dec 2019 15 38843
The most common Eustachian tube dysfunction is tubaritis. If you have not heard before about this pathology of the ear or you have been detected and want to know more details, continue reading. We e..
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