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Claso 22 Feb 2021 0 21078
Doing audiometry, to know your degree of listening, is FREE in any of our CLASO hearing centers.In addition, now you can also do it comfortably from your home with our online audiometry. Audiometry i..
Claso 19 Feb 2021 0 4108
Hearing aid users often ask audiologists a multitude of practical questions… How should I clean my hearing aids? How often should I change the filters? These are some examples but one of the main que..
Claso 12 Feb 2021 0 14007
Do you think you need help to improve your hearing but do not dare to take the step? Do you use hearing aids but want to try the latest hearing technology?In Claso we are looking for 25 people who fo..
Claso 12 Feb 2021 0 5077
Greek culture was one of the most influential in history. At its peak, it spread across the Mediterranean, leaving its indelible mark throughout Europe and Asia. They created the foundations of what ..
Claso 09 Feb 2021 0 1677
Hearing aids are not eternal and, at some point, it is time to renew them. As a user, you may want to change your hearing aids for many different reasons: the ones you have do not longer cover the l..
Claso 04 Feb 2021 0 15102
You have noticed for a long time that you listen less but now you begin to clearly perceive the consequences of a hearing loss. You have a hard time understanding your family, you turn up the volume..
Claso 31 Jan 2021 0 2523
It is increasingly implanted, among society, custom or even the need to be connected night and day to our electronic devices. But what about people with hearing loss who cannot hear the sound coming ..
Claso 29 Jan 2021 0 11638
When a person detects that they have hearing problems, they always ask the same question: Where should I go? To the ENT doctor or the audiologist? Opting for one of the two options without being sur..
Claso 27 Jan 2021 0 5293
Did you know that more than 11% of the Spanish population suffers from some type of hearing loss, but only 30% use hearing aids? On many occasions we suffer from hearing loss but we do not give it i..
Claso 25 Jan 2021 0 7811
Often the technicalities lose us and we do not know what name each thing has. In audiology, as in many other sectors, this also happens. That is why today we are going to clarify what type of hearing..
Claso 23 Jan 2021 0 5831
Rechargeable hearing aids, goodbye to batteries!We can no longer imagine living without rechargeable hearing aids and as proof of this, the best brands are increasingly introducing new models for ..
Claso 12 Dec 2020 0 4592
Prevention is always a good idea. Also when we talk about hearing health. So to be on time for possible problems, hearing screenings are key. If you are wondering what to do before an audiometry, we h..
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