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Audiology Blog

Claso 30 Apr 2021 0 1970
Most people buy their hearing aids with the idea that they will stay with them for a long time. We cannot deny that they are a more or less important economic investment and, therefore, their users ..
Claso 15 Apr 2021 0 2170
An internal injury to the ear can go unnoticed if we do not know its symptoms well, since sometimes they could be confused with other pathologies. Therefore, from Claso we want to explain to you how ..
Claso 12 Apr 2021 0 1560
Some hearing aid users tell us that they want a manufacturer to launch a model with which they can swim. Unfortunately, we always have to tell you that it is something that will take time to achieve...
Claso 08 Apr 2021 0 2057
Microtia is a congenital malformation of the ear that appears during the first trimester of pregnancy and its effects on the child's hearing can be diverse. Microtia is a congenital birth malformatio..
Claso 06 Apr 2021 0 1202
The world of hearing aids is vast and can be confusing at times, especially if you are a first-time user. There are a lot of different brands, many different models… In this inmense wave of names, m..
Claso 29 Mar 2021 0 2211
The price of a hearing aid can vary considerably depending on the type and features it offers. Therefore, it is important to know the range of prices between which they move before buying the ideal h..
Claso 19 Mar 2021 0 1779
Less than a year ago, Phonak released its latest and greatest generation of hearing aids called Paradise. It featured great innovations, both in the area of ​​audiology and usability, and improved s..
Claso 17 Mar 2021 0 1115
If you are looking for a hearing center in Barcelona, with long experience and great professionals, Claso is your answer. We have been creating tailor-made hearing solutions for more than 30 years. I..
Claso 10 Mar 2021 0 1710
The price of a hearing aid can vary a lot, it will depend mainly on its performance. However, it is important to note that not because you have a greater hearing loss, the hearing aid will have a hig..
Claso 04 Mar 2021 0 18725
The new hearing aids from Phonak, ReSound and Bernafon will revolutionize the world of audiology this year. We present you the best hearing aids for deafness of 2021. It has been a couple of months s..
Claso 02 Mar 2021 0 5955
With the Claso financing service, you have the possibility of purchasing your latest technology hearing aid from 1 euro a day, including our Claso Care service for 5 years. We often think that gettin..
Claso 02 Mar 2021 0 3019
Cophosis, also known as anacusis, is the total loss of hearing in one or both ears. It can be treated through the use of hearing aids or through a cochlear implant. Cophosis or anacusis is an ear dis..
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