A child's educational process begins in the family and continues at school. Both parties are necessary so that the results obtained in education are correct. Parents are generally responsible for promoting educational activities in relation to values, social skills and coexistence. Teachers, on the other hand, are in charge of those that refer to teaching knowledge and educational strategies. For this same reason, we must pay special attention to ensuring that a child with hearing loss wears hearing aids that work correctly so that this entire process is not altered and may affect his or her overall development. In this publication we are going to explain how you can coordinate with the teachers and have everything under control:

Firstly you should go to your child's school tutor, in such a way that he is the communicator of all the instructions to the other teachers who could teach him. You must give importance and explain all the following points:


It indicates step by step how the hearing aid should be placed. Insist that it is well secured and the mold is well adjusted. It also explains how to remove it in case it is necessary.

Function check

There are hearing aids that have an indicator light that the hearing aid is on, if this is the case, show it so they can take it into account.

If this is not the case and the child does not seem to be paying attention to the class, show him how when he puts the hearing aid in his fist, it starts beeping, an act that indicates that the hearing aid is on and working.

The hearing aid does not work

In case the hearing aid battery runs out in class, teach him how to change the battery. It would also be a good idea to hand over a pack of batteries.

Also teach him how to clean the mold in the event that the hearing aid stops working due to blockage and provides the necessary tools to do so.

Prioritize the first row

Although hearing aids are a very necessary aid for children with hearing loss, they have certain limitations, and that is that the range of sound capture is not infinite, so for the child to be able to pay all the attention he needs, it is important that the row closest to the teacher possible is prioritized.

Remote microphones

The remote microphones allow you to capture speech as clearly as possible and at distances that hearing aids cannot reach. It is an ideal tool for students. Beam click on this link to know more details since we have a specific post in which we explain the benefits of these tools. If your child has a remote microphone, teach him as both he and his tutor are used.

Now you have the perfect guide so that your child can follow classes without any opposition and can learn and grow as they should, because giving your child the hearing they need, you are giving her the gift of creating a better future.