Hearing aid users may feel that hearing aids are not enough at times. This can be due to different reasons:

  • The place where you are has a bad sound conditioning.
    Either because of its large dimensions or because of the materials in the room.
  • Noisy environment situations.
    It is one of the most complex situations and in which people with hearing loss present the most difficulties.
  • The sound source you have to pay attention to is far away.
    And it is that the hearing aids are designed to keep listening at short distances, they exactly have a sound capture range of between 2 and 3 meters.
  • You suffer from hearing loss accompanied by poor understanding.

If you have felt identified with the different situations above and want to get the most out of both your hearing aids and your own hearing, thus improving your quality of life, look no further! We understand your problem and we know what the solution is. These are remote microphones as a complementary aid to hearing aids. These microphones pick up the speech closest to him and automatically send it wirelessly to the hearing aids while attenuating noise.

In this post we are going to explain the different types of microphones that exist on the market so that you can hit the nail on the head if you really think you need them and want to purchase one of these technical aids.

Basic Microphones

Most hearing aid brands have basic microphones in their catalogue, we are talking about microphones like the Bernafon SoundClip-A, ReSound Micro Mic or Phonak PartnerMic.

They are characterized by being cheaper microphones than the Roger technology that we will talk about later and are useful if you need to listen to a single transmitter at distances of up to 20 meters and/or in noisy situations. For example: a user who attends conferences and has difficulty hearing the speaker. The device will be placed near the speaker or even attached to the lapel of the shirt and from the headphones the user will be able to listen to the conference without any difficulty.

Microphones with Roger Technology

If you need to go a step further in technology, Roger will not disappoint you.

It is the most advanced remote microphone technology on the market, manufactured by the Phonak brand and is compatible with all brands of hearing aids and cochlear implants.

These microphones go beyond providing the function of a basic microphone. And it is that this technology allows you to listen to multiple transmitters. For example: at a family dinner, the user places the microphone in the middle of the table and it will detect the voice of all diners regardless of the direction from which it comes.

In addition, the microphone has the option of choosing to capture only one direction, thus only detecting speech from the chosen direction.

This device reaches up to 25 meters but in case you think that falls short and you need to have a longer or more precise sound pickup range, we inform you that you can connect up to a total of 10 Roger devices to your headphones. If you need more information about Roger devices, you will be able to find it at this link.