In Catalonia there are two financial aids to facilitate the acquisition of your hearing aids. Today in this publication we are going to talk about one of them, specifically the PAO aid (Provision of Orthoprosthetic Article), which is aid intended for young people between 0 and 26 years old and can be requested every 4 years. Depending on the type of hearing aids you need, this help is between €2,466 and €3,000. Below we will give you all the instructions so that you can request this help without any problem and can benefit from it:

1. First you must visit a public health ENT doctor to evaluate your case. This same doctor must do the prescription signed with his own signature and seal. For minors, this process is centralized in Sant Joan de Deu and once they are over 18, they can go to their reference hospital.

2. Next, to proceed with the administrative assessment you must go to the processing unit, normally located in the same hospital where you have been prescribed the PAO aid. You must identify yourself and deliver the prescription that the ENT doctor previously prepared.

3. In a period of 3 to 4 weeks you will receive the confirmation of the granting of the PAO financial aid by regular mail. You will find two copies of the prescription that the ENT doctor made at the time and another two of the administrative validation. One copy of each document is for you and the other two are for the authorized hearing center to dispense your hearing aids.

4. Next you must go to an authorized hearing center to deliver the documents. At this time the hearing care professional will fit you the hearing aids prescribed by the ENT doctor and will sign the documents. In addition, you will also sign as you have received them.

5. The next step is to go to the hospital with the signed papers to see the same ENT doctor who made the prescription and have him do the health validation. He will ask for the prescription to put another seal on them and sign as the adaptation has been made.

6. Finally, you will have to return to the hearing center to give them the documents signed by the ENT doctor and in this way the process on your part will be completed.

Now you know everything you have to do to request this financial help that Catsalut offers us for your hearing aids. For more information, we recommend that you do click on this link which will direct you to a section of our website in which we explain PAO financial aid in more detail. In any case, you can contact us to ask us what you need, at Claso Audiology we are an authorized center for the dispensing of Catsalut orthoprosthetic items and we will be happy to assist you.