In cinemas, theaters, meeting rooms, churches, receptions... The telecoil is a great invention for people who suffer from hearing loss to hear more easily through their hearing aids or implants.

Although this system offers great help for this type of situation, it is a reality that It has several disadvantages that can be improved today. For this purpose, Auracast has arrived, the new Bluetooth system that will revolutionize the world of audio and is already beginning to be implemented in hearing aids, as we have seen with the new ReSound “Nexia” hearing aids. Auracast promises to be the replacement for the telephone coil in a few years since it will allow Bluetooth technology to be transported to a level never seen before. In this post you will know why.

Higher sound quality

The sound emitted by the telephone coil is characterized by being deep, in such a way that it is not completely realistic and clear. Besides, the coil emits a slight background noise which remains constant as long as it is activated, which can be annoying for mild and moderate hearing loss. With Auracast these problems will no longer occur. Background noise disappears and the sound becomes clear and crisp, highest quality sound.

More compatibility

The telecoil is only compatible where there is a magnetic loop but with Auracast the range of situations in which you can use the system is much wider. And not only situations, we can also talk about devices: Auracast will allow you to connect directly to any device that implements it. This means that, for example, in the future you will be able to connect to your home television with hearing aids without the need for any additional device and in addition you will not only be the only one who will be able to connect, infinite users will be able to do so with their devices to the audio that you are connected at the same time.

Reduction of size

Hearing aids that contain an integrated telecoil are generally larger in size than hearing aids that do not. By implementing Bluetooth Auracast we are reducing the size of the hearing aids without leaving aside all the benefits that we obtain with the telecoil and many more.

Lower installation cost in public places

To use the telecoil you need a magnetic loop. Its installation has a considerably high cost especially if the area we want to cover is as large as, for example, a cinema. With Auracast this problem will no longer affect, since it is a Bluetooth system that will be installed on the audio devices themselves, making a large installation unnecessary and therefore its cost is much lower.

The story of Auracast has just begun and there is still a long way to go before it becomes widespread, since brands will have to implement this technology in their future audio devices so, in the meantime, don't say goodbye to the telecoil, since it will still be useful. We are getting closer to perfection in terms of hearing aids, getting closer to overcoming the daily struggle that hearing aid users undergo to satisfy their hearing needs.