New year, new releases. That's how it is, the pioneering brand ReSound has entered this year 2024 stomping by presenting its new hearing aid platform called Nexia and once again revolutionizes the world of hearing aids giving us a versatile, discreet solution and that covers even severe losses, available in RIE and microRIE formats.

ReSound promises to mark a before and after in the market, Nexia offers you everything your hearing needs and much more! Do you want to know what we are talking about? Find out by continuing reading this post. We are sure you will like it as much as we do.

Small design without giving up anything

The ReSound Nexia microRIE R takes the lead with the smallest hearing aids available today, 25% smaller than the standard RIE format. Elegance, ergonomics and discretion come together in the same hearing aid, and also without giving up connectivity or the rechargeable battery! Yes, this device promises to last a full day of use on a single and short charge. You can choose between the Standard and Premium charger. Both will serve as cases to carry your hearing aids wherever you go but the Premium version allows you to charge the hearing aids without having to plug them into electricity since it acts as a battery external for up to three full charges. They have also implemented the double tap function to answer calls with your microRIE. You simply have to tap your ear twice to pick up the phone and you can talk without having to place the phone to your ear.

360º directionality

Nexia promises you to hear 150% better in the most difficult situation that a hearing aid user has to face, that is, noise situations. Sounds good, right? But how does the technology of these hearing aids work to achieve such a result? The answer is 360º directionality which allows Nexia hearing aids to constantly listen and analyze your environment, they locate the people in your environment and adjust the sensitivity by directing the microphones towards them, wherever they are. This way there will be no way to lose the thread of any conversation. You will hear your companions with all the necessary clarity and also without giving up the ambient sound of the place you are in, as if your hearing loss did not exist!

Front Focus and Ultra Focus

ReSound has thought of everything, and in extremely noisy situations such as surrounded by machinery noise or in a venue with live music, 360º directionality may not be enough to achieve a balance between speech and noise. In this situation, it is time to activate the Front Focus and Ultra Focus function, programs that you can activate with the hearing aid's own button or with its “Smart 3d” application and that it manages to greatly reduce all the noise around you and center the microphones forward, in such a way that it will prioritize the speech sounds that are in front of you.

Organic hearing

As you have already seen in the previous points, ReSound aims to provide the user with the most natural hearing possible and with the M&RIE hearing aids it further refines its purpose. These hearing aids contain a microphone integrated. Thanks to this, since it is inside the ear canal simulating natural hearing, it is your brain that decides what you want to pay attention to as would happen if you didn't have a hearing loss.

The future of Bluetooth

Have you heard of Auracast before?  This technology allows you to hear the best audio possible wherever you go. and is expected to become the preeminent Bluetooth technology for hearing aids. Maximum sound quality with lower consumption than the conventional Bluetooth system. And not only will it be compatible with mobile phones, it will also be compatible with multiple devices that incorporate this system, such as televisions and computers and even in public places that implement public address systems, airports and theaters. Auracast will definitely deliver life-changing audio experiences for hearing aid wearers. Additionally, along with Nexia hearing aids, ReSound has also announced an adapter release Resound TV Streamer+, adapter with which you can listen to television in all its splendor, and it also works with Auracast so you can benefit from all its advantages!

If your mobile device is not compatible with Auracast Bluetooth, don't worry, since you can continue using the ASHA connectivity protocol with iPhone and Android.

The most complete application

With the new ReSound Nexia, you can continue enjoying its improved Smart 3d application, application that allows you to always keep your hearing aids under your own control: you can view the percentage of battery you have, modify the volume or switch between programs and, of course, you can also continue making visits with your trusted hearing care professional but from a distance with the remote support option that you find in the application itself, in this way we can adapt to even the busiest lifestyles!

When it seems that hearing aid technology can no longer advance any further, ReSound arrives and surprises us with these wonderful hearing aids, marking the beginning of a new era that will make the world sound better for everyone. If you want to try the new Nexia hearing aids, don't think twice: contact us, it will be a pleasure to assist you.