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Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone

Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Doro 8100 PLUS Mobile Phone
Ex Tax: 247.11€

Delivery time 10-12 working days with a 5,75€ cost. Free from 100€.

Withdrawal 15 days

You have 15 days to decide if you want to keep the product or not. Check the Conditions of Withdrawal.

Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

Why complicate your life?

The phone manufacturer Doro has always had a clear goal: to make communication accessible to the maximum number of people, whatever their situation. For this reason, its engineers work tirelessly to design models that help people with hearing, vision or motor difficulties. Whether it's because you can't hear well, can't see the screen properly, or have trouble controlling your phone's functions, the Doro 8100 PLUS Smartphone brings the world of smartphones to everyone.


Find out everything

Using the telephone is often one of the biggest challenges that a hearing impaired person faces on a daily basis. You don't understand the person you're talking to, you don't hear the ringbell... Faced with these problems, the Doro 8100 PLUS smartphone has different solutions so you can choose the ones that best suit you. To enhance conversations, the 8100 PLUS amplifies sound by up to 35dB, emphasizing high frequencies and filtering out background noise so it doesn't interfere with the sound. On the other hand, it also has ringtones that can reach 74 dB and thus find out every time they call you. In addition, it is compatible with hearing aids, avoiding possible annoying noises in conversations. And if that were not enough, you can take advantage of its Bluetooth connection to connect headphones or, if they are compatible, your hearing aids. With this smartphone, you won't miss a thing.

A smartphone for everyone

Current smartphones offer us great possibilities but they can be complicated to use if you suffer from any visual or motor deficiencies. To solve this problem, the Doro 8100 PLUS features a simplified interface that is accessible to any class of user. Its large icons will avoid confusion or mistakes when pressing them. Furthermore, it is widely configurable to make it suit your needs. As if that were not enough, the Doro 8100 PLUS comes with a charging base included that will make it as easy as possible to put it on charge. You will no longer feel lost when using your mobile!

Up-to-date and easy to use

The Doro 8100 PLUS is a mobile phone that is simple to use but that does not give up all the possibilities offered by smartphones with Android 11.0. You will be able to use all the necessary applications on any current mobile, from Facebook to WhatsApp, just by installing them from the Google Play Store. You can also take photos with a quality of 13 MP, use Google Maps thanks to its GPS or connect any accessory with its Bluetooth 4.2. All this with the accessibility provided by the EVA interface, Doro's own assistant, which will assist you throughout the initial configuration process and help you make the most of your smartphone's functions. EVA makes technology fun, accessible, and easy to use for everyone.

Feel protected

Prevent your family from worrying when they can't locate you. The Doro 8100 PLUS allows your family or close friends to access your terminal through their own application, as long as you agree. In this way, they can check if you have left your phone on silent or if you have run out of battery. They can even make small changes to make sure they contact you. On the other hand, the Doro 8100 PLUS has a support button linked directly to the phone numbers that you choose thanks to the Response by Doro application. With it, you can notify and call them easily if you have an emergency. It will even automatically send them your GPS coordinates so they can locate you in an emergency.


  • Amplified sound up to 35 dB and ringbell up to 74 dB.
  • Hearing aid compatible (M4/T3).
  • Optional display modes optimized for visually impaired users.
  • Wifi and 4G.
  • Android 11.0 GO with Google Play Store.
  • Charging base included.
  • 32GB internal storage and MicroSD support up to 128GB.
  • Image definition of 1560X720 pixels.
  • 13MP camera.
  • Bluetooth 4.2.
  • GPS.
  • EVA assist interface.
  • Alert button with call and sending of coordinates.
  • External access application.

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