Today's hearing aids can be so small and discreet that losing them is not a particularly difficult task. In fact, it is possible that you have already lost a hearing aid at some point, and that may have been the moment when you said “one and no more”. Previously we talked about what can you do if you lose a hearing aid?, but what if we try not to get to that point? That's right, you have come to the right place, below we are going to reveal a list of tricks and routines that you can apply to achieve your goal: never lose your hearing aids.

Make use of protective boxes

There are times when for the safety of your hearing aids you should leave them aside: at the hairdresser, on the beach, riding at the amusement park... It is possible that you have left them anywhere and/or stored them in any way before thinking about the consequences. And it is that making this mistake can be the reason why you lose or even break your hearing aids. In hearing centers we have protective boxes so that wherever you go you have a place to save them and keep them protected without suffering from what could happen to them.

Retention cord

There are times when you take off your hearing aids to perform certain busy activities for fear of them falling out: go on a mountain bike race, play basketball... Precisely at a time when you need your five senses to pay maximum attention, you stop enjoying your hearing. The solution is a simple retention cord. You will only have to place your hearing aids on their respective cords and use the clip on the neck of your shirt. This way, you can be sure that they will not fall no matter how active you are. Of course, it is not only valid for athletic people, it is also an ideal complement for children's busy lives.

Make sure a good fit

A poor physical fit to your duct can cause feedback so that the hearing aid automatically reduces the volume and/or beeps. Furthermore this is one of the reasons why many hearing aids are lost. After a blow, a sudden movement or a simple mistake, without hardly realizing it, your hearing aid has simply fallen from your ear and disappeared. If you feel that your hearing aid does not fit snugly enough in your ear, ask your hearing care professional for a solution.

Loss and theft insurance

This is not a solution to help you keep your hearing aids under control, but it is an aid so that the possible loss of your hearing aid is not so painful. And some hearing centers offer loss and theft insurance when purchasing hearing aids. This means that during the first years, in case of loss, you can purchase a new hearing aid at a reduced cost. If you have contracted the loss and theft service or some other similar service, it has been a great success!

Connect your hearing aids to their app

Most hearing aid brands have their own applications to which you can link hearing aids that have connectivity. We have specific posts on how to do it for hearing aid brands Bernafon, ReSound and Phonak.

One of the benefits of connecting your hearing aids to your mobile phone is the function “find my hearing aids”. This function can help you find its whereabouts in case of loss. 

Two of the brands mentioned above include such a function, we are talking about the ReSound and Bernafon brands. This option allows you to see the last place where your hearing aids maintained a Bluetooth connection with your mobile device.

As you can see, if we apply some habits in our daily care of our hearing aids and ensure that the hearing aids are properly secured, we can largely prevent them from being lost. We hope that our tips have been useful to you and you can finally feel safe taking your hearing aids anywhere and at any time.