Technology improves year after year, and with hearing aids it was not going to be different. Brands surprise us more and more and this year 2023 they have left nothing to be desired. Now, starting this new year 2024 and like every year, we have decided that it is time to write this post to reveal to you which are our favorite hearing aids, and although it has been difficult for us because we have a wide variety of magnificent top-of-the-line hearing aids, we finally have managed to opt for three specific models. Keep reading because we are sure that you will love them too:

Bernafon Alpha intra

This is the latest platform for custom hearing aids from the Bernafon brand, also called “intra” or “intra-canal”. Natural sound, less effort to understand speech in noise and difficult listening situations, and great comfort Bernafon combines these three features in your invisible hearing aids. Alpha hearing aids amplify speech in real time and with extreme precision. You will feel how the words sound cleaner and clearer, increasing your ability to understand the conversation, but without losing your perception of the environmental sounds around you. Thanks to the fact that they are equipped with the revolutionary technology of Hybrid Technology, their features are more sophisticated than ever and constantly adapt to all listening environments. Besides, with the ITC format you can continue enjoying Bluetooth connectivity without giving up using in-ear hearing aids, which gives you a large number of benefits to maintain full control of your hearing aids.

Phonak Audeo Lumity

We are talking about the latest hearing aid in RIC format from Phonak. Its goal is to ensure that people can hear clearly in any situation and that nothing gets in the way. This platform improves understanding by 15% compared to the previous version!

Phonak's Smart Speech technology is totally aimed at improving the clarity and luminosity of speech. With Speech Enhancer this hearing aid gives strength to the weakest voices minimizing your listening effort. Speech Sensor finds the main voice source and focuses the microphones on it, so you don't lose track of any conversation. These hearing aids contain a motion sensor that acts according to your situation so that the noise does not stop you. They are rechargeable and contain Bluetooth connection compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices and nothing stands in the way of enjoying all the benefits that this technology provides.

Furthermore we want to mention the slim version which includes all the benefits that an Audeo Lumity contains but in a most elegant and ergonomic format, has the ideal shape to ensure the greatest comfort for people who wear glasses.

We also wanted to talk about the life version, the version that defeats one of the main enemies of hearing aids, that is, humidity. Exactly, this version of Lumity is submersible, and with it you can enjoy summer in all its intensity!

ReSound Nexia

This is the latest release of hearing aids in RIC format from ReSound. As if you didn't have hearing loss, this platform makes you listen to whatever you want perfectly anywhere, anytime.

With its technology 360º directionality these hearing aids constantly listen to your surroundings and locate the people around you to adjust the sensitivity and direction of their microphones towards them, wherever they are.

These hearing aids promise to make you hear up to 150% better in noise situations; an audiological feat, and with technology Front Focus still the result will be more satisfying, since it reduces all the noise around you and focuses only on what is in front of you. The microRIE version is one of the smallest rechargeable hearing aids on the market, now smaller than ever. It also contains Auracast bluetooth connectivity, the new Bluetooth system that offers higher sound quality with significantly lower battery consumption and transforms audio experiences in public and private places.

Now you know what hearing aids to look for if you want to start the year on the right foot, at least until now, because 2024 seems to be full of news and technological advances that are going to leave us speechless again. We hope that this year you have decided to take care of your hearing health and for this reason you have reached the end of this publication, because at Claso Audiology our purpose is to be able to offer the best to your ears.