When we put on a pair of hearing aids, is not only a bunch of sounds that come back to us. Speech understanding, long forgotten experiences, activities that we thought were no longer possible... The ability to hear well gives us endless possibilities, and that is why good hearing is directly related to a fuller life. When we cannot hear we begin to isolate ourselves, we stop socializing or doing activities that connect us with the world and with others, and we become more sedentary. However, hearing well is an open door to share, move, express yourself and discover. That is why, with its latest release, the pioneering hearing aid brand Phonak has wanted to complete the experience of wearing hearing aids with an exceptional series of features that will invite you to take better care of your health and fitness, in every way.

A hearing aid that keeps up with your rhythm

Phonak has set out to help you achieve maximum well-being with its latest RIC (receiver-in-canal) innovation: the Audéo Fit. This revolutionary hearing aid not only benefits from all the performance of Paradise technology, offering extraordinary sound quality, brilliant noise cleaning systems and unparalleled universal connectivity with Android and iPhone, but it accompanies you more than ever on your way to a healthier life. Thanks to the fact that it has a special receiver, with receiving sensors at its end, it is capable of measuring your heart rate and connects via bluetooth to your smartphone to show you your cardiac values both at rest and during physical activity through the My Phonak App. You can even chek your pulse live!

Using hearing aids is more than hearing well: is living well

As you can see, the Audéo Fit is designed for you to move with it: joining forces with the motion sensor integrated in all the rechargeable models of Paradise technology, this new hearing aid is also capable of measuring your physical activity, counting your steps and tracking your route even more reliably than the famous activity bracelets or "smartwatches". As the ear canal does not move as erratically as the wrist, nor does it produce movements that can be mistaken for the movement of a walk, the Audéo Fit is a truly reliable, discreet and multifunctional health marker meter. In addition, the motion sensor adapts to the sound changes in your environment, and takes into account whether you are still or moving to choose more quickly and efficiently the type of sound management that best benefits your understanding and comfort in each situation. 

More control over your body… and over your mind!

The new features of the Audéo Fit, together with the My Phonak App, also allows you to see a summary of the hours you spend in different sound environments, distinguishing, for example, between “quiet environment”, “in noise”, “listening to music” or “streaming”. This not only helps the artificial intelligence of Paradise technology to adapt to your everyday hearing better than ever: it also allows you to become aware of the active investment of your time. With this innovation, Phonak has decided to go a step beyond hearing health care, and also intends to contribute to improving the mental health of people with hearing loss. Having an active and productive life prevents the onset of chronic diseases, and enjoying a good state of mind reduces emotional and mental disorders. For all this, at Claso Audiology we cannot wait for you to come and try everything that the new Audéo Fit can do for you.