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Paging receiver Bellman & Symfon Pager BE1470

Paging receiver Bellman & Symfon Pager BE1470
Paging receiver Bellman & Symfon Pager BE1470
Paging receiver Bellman & Symfon Pager BE1470
Paging receiver Bellman & Symfon Pager BE1470
Paging receiver Bellman & Symfon Pager BE1470
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Always informed

The Pager BE 1470 is a portable alarm designed to receive notices from Bellman & Symfon's Visit system transmitters. This receiver will notify you by vibrations with different patterns depending on the type of alarm. In addition, a LED light will illuminate to indicate the incidence that is happening in your home. Depending on the Visit transmitters you have, they can notify you if they knock on the door, if you are receiving a call, if your baby is crying or if a fire is starting in your home. This receiver is designed to be attached on the lapel of your clothes or on your belt. This way, it will notify you instantly in any corner of your home, even if you are in the garden. With the Bellman & Symfon's Pager, you will always be informed so that you can enjoy your home life in peace of mind.



  • Portable, lightweight and handy to carry.
  • Non-intrusive discrete vibration.
  • Vibration patterns and LED lights so you know what's happening.
  • Compatible with the Bellman & Symfon's Visit wireless system.
  • Possibility of connecting up to two BE 1270 pillow vibrators if you have the optional BE 1260 charger.


Visit: home sweet home

Your home is the center of your life. It is where you share your life with your partner, have dinner with your best friends, see your family grow, rest ... Therefore, it is important to feel safe in it. The Visit system is designed to monitor your home and thus be able to concentrate on what matters most in the world: you and your loved ones. Although designed to help people with hearing loss, the Visit system by Bellman & Symfon is a simple way for anyone to live in a smart home.


The house of the future now

Visit is a wireless communication system that, through the use of different transmitters and receivers, allows you to receive visual, auditory or vibrant notices about the different things that happen in your home. From the beginning of fire to the crying of your baby, through the doorbell or a phone call, nothing will ever escape again. All this is achieved thanks to a reliable and easy to install radio system. Since it is not a Wi-Fi network, it does not need complicated configurations nor does it depend on the proper functioning of a router. You just have to connect, turn on and go. Also, when running on batteries, a power failure would not affect the protection of your home.


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