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Swissvoice Xtra 1110 landline phone

Swissvoice Xtra 1110 landline phone
Swissvoice Xtra 1110 landline phone
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Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

Swissvoice responds

Swissvoice phone brand works tirelessly to ensure that its products serve as many people as possible. Many people do not listen well on the phone, they do not see the numbers clearly, they press the buttons incorrectly ... If you have hearing, visual or motor problems, forget about the difficulties when calling by phone thanks to the specific design of their phones to overcome these inconveniences . Swissvoice is there to answer your call.

Enhanced sound

The Swissvoice Xtra 1110 is a phone prepared for the hearing impaired. The sound from the handset can be amplified by 30 dB and equalized, making it lower or higher. During the conversation, it also has hands-free mode through its speaker. Regarding its ringtone, you can decide if it sounds higher or lower and amplify it up to 85 dB. In addition, it also alerts you with a light indicator. And not only that but it's hearing aid compatible. You won't miss a call with the Xtra 1110.

Accessible to everyone

If you have vision or mobility problems, the Xtra 1110 helps you to be able to communicate in an easier way. Its keys are large, with space between them and designed with contrasting colors to highlight the numbers and symbols. And not only that but they are even marked in Braille. To make everything even easier, it has 8 programmable keys, 2 normal and 6 with photos, to call your trusted contacts directly. Thanks to the Xtra 1110, dialing errors are a thing of the past.


  • Analog connection.
  • Ringing amplification up to 85 dB and up to 30 dB in conversation.
  • Selection of lower or higher soronitty.
  • Hearing aid compatible.
  • Hands-free option with speaker.
  • Large and clear keypad.
  • Keys marked in Braille.
  • Call bell light indicator.
  • 2 direct dial keys.
  • 6 direct dial keys with photo.

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