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Waterproof battery Naída/Sky CI Marvel

Waterproof battery Naída/Sky CI Marvel
Waterproof battery Naída/Sky CI Marvel
Waterproof battery Naída/Sky CI Marvel
Waterproof battery Naída/Sky CI Marvel
Waterproof battery Naída/Sky CI Marvel
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A bath of sound

The Advanced Bionics waterproof battery for the Naída and Sky CI Marvel processors is the perfect accessory for the more active people. This battery is designed not only to power your processor for more than 18 hours but also serves as a container to submerge it in water. In addition, if you connect it to the Slim HP AquaMic antenna, you can continue to enjoy excellent hearing even if you are in the water. Diving in the sea, swimming in the pool, surfing... You can practice any water sport with all the safety in the world and without missing a sound. And all this without giving up the direct Bluetooth transmission of the processor, which will allow you to listen to the music that most motivates you to do sports.

Protection in all situations

Beyond its aquatic capabilities, this battery will protect your Naída or Sky CI Marvel processor in any situation and environment. It has the maximum official protection degree for an electronic product, IP68, which allows you to enjoy your processor in the most varied situations. Whether you play a sport, solo or with physical contact, or work in a workshop full of dirt and dust, the Advanced Bionics waterproof battery is there to give your processor the protection it needs. In addition, its robustness makes it ideal for the busy daily life of children.

Improve it to your liking

Advanced Bionics gives you different options so that you can enjoy this waterproof battery in the way that is most comfortable for you. You can buy the new Slim HP AquaMic, which improves in sound and size to its previous generation of submersible antennas. In addition, to make everything easier, it has the integrated connection cable and in different lengths. Finally, Advanced Bionics offers you the option of purchasing two different types of fasteners: a comfortable bracelet or a robust clip. Advanced Bionics makes it easy for you to be comfortable enjoying its sound.



  • Compatible with Naída CI M and Sky CI M.
  • Make your processor submersible.
  • Protect your processor from dust, dirt and hits.
  • More than 18 hours of battery life.
  • Maintains the Bluetooth connection of your processor at all times.
  • Compact design and easy to assemble.
  • Does not include Slim HP AquaMic antenna. To listen while in the water, it is an essential requirement.
  • To enjoy its aquatic use, it is necessary to activate a specific program for water. Check with your Advanced Bionics programmer.
  • On this same website, we have a pack available that offers you a comprehensive solution with all the necessary accessories to get the most out of your waterproof battery in a simple and economical way.

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