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Audinell Drying capsules

Audinell Drying capsules

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Withdrawal 15 days

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Easy drying of your hearing aids and earmolds

Humidity accumulated in hearing aids can cause small performance problems that, although easy to solve, can be annoying. Audinell capsules are one of the easiest ways to prevent it. These capsules dehumidify your hearing aids in a simple way, ensuring a longer service life for them. In each package you will find 4 drying capsules in their individual packaging.

How to use

  • Place the capsule with the cardboard facing up into the Audinell container.
  • Insert the hearing aid into the container basket with the battery door open.
  • Put the basket in the container, close it and leave it to work overnight.
  • The next morning, remove the hearing aid from the container and close it again without removing the capsule.
  • The capsules are intended for many uses. It should be changed when it becomes pale yellow.

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