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T-Mic 2 microphone Naída CI

T-Mic 2 microphone Naída CI
T-Mic 2 microphone Naída CI
T-Mic 2 microphone Naída CI
T-Mic 2 microphone Naída CI
T-Mic 2 microphone Naída CI
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More natural hearing

The Advanced Bionics T-Mic 2 is an extra microphone for your Naída CI processor that will give you more natural hearing. This hook-shaped microphone is located at the entrance to the ear canal. In this way, it manages to take advantage of the natural capacities of the ear itself to capture sound, just as it happens with the ears of people without hearing loss. In addition, this microphone can be enjoyed by everyone as it is available in three different sizes ranging from adults to children.

Listen better and with less effort

This more natural hearing makes it easier to locate the source of the sound and helps to have a better understanding, even being able to pick up better the tones and inflections of speech. These improvements are even more palpable in noisy environments, where you can understand the conversation much better in environments such as parties, restaurants, classrooms ... And all this, with less effort on your part. Don't miss a thing with the Advanced Bionics T-Mic 2!

A more practical life

Beyond all that has been said, this microphone also allows you to lead a more practical life. Thanks to its natural physical situation, you can use the phone in an easier way. All you have to do is hold the phone to your ear and speak normally in the same way as people without hearing loss. In addition, it also allows you to use headphones, whether they are headset or ear buds.


  • Compatible with Naída CI Q30, Naída CI Q70 and Naída CI Q90.
  • More natural hearing.
  • Better speech understanding, even in noisy environments.
  • Easier to listen to the phone or use headphones.
  • Available in three sizes for all ages.
  • Easy assembly.
  • To enjoy its use, it is necessary to activate it in the programming of the processor. Check with your Advanced Bionics programmer.

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