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Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone

Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
Gigaset CL390 Duo cordless phone
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Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

Gigaset CL390 Duo includes two terminals of the model and a base station.

Gigaset provides solutions

Listen to the conversation well, see who is calling before picking up, dialing a number ... Using the telephone is one of the greatest difficulties encountered by people with hearing, visual or tactile problems. All of these problems can be overcome with Gigaset phones, specially designed to break down these barriers. And they do it with the security provided by a brand belonging to the Siemens group, synonymous with quality.


High quality sound

The Gigaset CL390 is specially prepared for people with hearing difficulties. This cordless phone offers you the possibility to choose between two different amplifier profiles in which the bass or treble will be highlighted more. In this way, the CL390 adapts to your loss. In addition, the Gigaset CL390 is also hearing aid compatible, making it ideal for people with hearing impairments. You have all this enjoying exceptional sound in either of its two modes of use, with the handset or hands-free. With this cordless phone, Gigaset once again proves that it's a leading brand in audio quality.

Functional and easy to use

The Gigaset CL390 has a large black and white illuminated display with a high level of contrast and a large size. In addition, its navigation menu is designed to be especially clear and offers you a Jumbo mode in which the screen shows the numbers you dial in an extra large way. This way you will never have a hard time reading it. With this phone, you can always find the settings you need to stay connected and make everyday communication a pleasure. As you can see, the Gigaset CL390 is designed to be functional and incredibly easy to use.

More than calls

The Gigaset CL390 has all the functionalities you need in your day-to-day life. From an extensive directory of up to 150 contacts to more sophisticated functions such as blocking unwanted numbers or assigning specific tones to the numbers that you want. You can even use it to monitor your baby's room while they sleep. If it cries, the CL390 calls a telephone number that you have indicated or another CL390 terminal in case you have more than one. Because you can also expand the number of wireless phones in your home, thus creating a network from which you can answer or redirect calls from one terminal to another.

Elegant design

Beyond all the practical benefits it brings you, the Gigaset CL390 is thoughtfully designed that radiates style. When you're not using it, this elegant phone stands on its base, creating a striking focal point that fits perfectly in modern homes. Being available in four colors, you can combine it perfectly with the tones and decoration that predominate in the room in which you want to place it. For example, if you create a network in your home, you can choose different colors for each room according to the tone that best suits each room. Gigaset shows you that practicality is compatible with good taste.


  • 2 DECT cordless telephones with base station and expandable up to 4 terminals.
  • Analog connection.
  • Amplification function for conversations.
  • Two amplifier profiles for bass and treble.
  • Hearing aid compatible.
  • Exceptional sound.
  • Hands-free option with speaker.
  • Elegant and modern design.
  • Large, contrasted and configurable screen.
  • Babyphone option for use as a baby monitor.
  • 150 contacts phonebook.
  • Blacklist of unwanted numbers.

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