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Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC

Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Hearing Aid Alpha 5 IIC
Ex Tax: 1,317.27€

Available Options

Custom product

To make them we need to take the impressions of your ears.


Price includes custom fitting and programming of the hearing aid. At Claso Audiología all hearing aids are fitted by an Audiologist in person.

Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

Try them 15 days

Try them for 15 days in your daily life to assess their performance and start the habituation process. If you are not convinced, you will only have to pay the price of the custom covers.

Inspired by nature

Bernafon's Alpha hearing aids are inspired by animals with exceptional hearing to allow you to perceive sound in the most natural and realistic way possible thanks to its latest Hybrid Technology ™. Similar to a hybrid car, the various levels of processing of this advanced technology can act independently or together to strike the right balance. In this way, they increase speech understanding in any environment without compromising listening comfort.

Enjoy the conversation

The main objective of hearing aids is to help you better understand the conversation and, in this way, allow you to interact with your surroundings in a comfortable and effective way. Alpha hearing aids amplify speech in real time and with extreme precision. You will feel how the words sound cleaner and clearer, increasing your ability to understand the conversation, but without losing the perception of the environmental sounds that surround you. In addition, you will enjoy unparalleled sound quality.


Comfort without giving up anything

Alpha hearing aids retain the ambient sounds around you and reproduce them naturally. This will make you more aware of everything that happens around you, listening again to the song of the birds or the sound of the leaves on the trees. In turn, they regulate noises perfectly so that they do not interfere with your ability to understand speech and avoid those that can really bother you. All this, without suffering any kind of annoying beep thanks to its 126,000 measurements per second. With Alpha, enjoy unparalleled listening comfort.


Hearing Aid styleCustom
Hearing LossMild
Max Gain58 dB
MPO128 dB
Water ResistantWater resistant hearing aid including water, sweat, moisture and dust.
Performance levelStandard
Manual volume controlNo
Manual programs4
Available settings8
Natural sound5 Stars
Speech focus4 Stars
Comfort in noise5 Stars
Automatic adjustments4 Stars
Customization of programs3 Stars
Binaural coordination (of the button)No
Sound impulse Manager3 options
Feedback shieldHybrid Feedback Canceller
Dynamic range expander for live musicNo
Tinnitus SoundSupportNo
Wind Noise ManagementNo
Micro directionalityOmnidirectional
Frequency Composition™Yes
Hybrid BalancingNo
Binaural noise managerNo


Claso Care includes all hearing services you need to ensure your maximum tranquility and satisfaction. You can add it at the time of the purchase from 1 to 5 years. Renewable whenever you want, just contact us and we will extend it for 150 € per year.

Which services are included exactly?


We monitor hearing loss and adjust hearing aid accordingly, with as many visits as you need.


We're always there to address your queries and issues and discuss improvements to your hearing aid.


With Claso Care you won't just be extending your hearing-aid manufacturer's warranty, we'll also give you all the batteries you need for free.


It's very common to make adjustments to your hearing aid in keeping with your hearing loss.


To make sure your hearing aid is working properly, clear out obstructions, clean moulds, etc. Hearing aids need to be adjusted once or twice a year.


All of them, including those not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. As long as your hearing aid is not declared total sinister, you will be fully covered.


We create made-to-measure products for our customers. The moulds are included and will be adapted and renewed as often as necessary for the duration of your Claso Care plan.


If your hearing aid takes longer than 5 days to repair, we'll provide you with a replacement while yours is repaired.


We'll be with you from the word go, advising you in keeping with your needs: price, aesthetics, connectivity, size... and we'll also be there with you throughout the span the span of your hearing health.

By purchasing this insurance you will be able to renew your hearing aid with special conditions in case of loss or theft during the 5 years after purchase. The new hearing aid purchased with special conditions will have a manufacturer's legal warranty of 3 years. Once executed the warranty of this insurance, the hearing aid lost/stolen will be deregistered and will not be repaired anymore neither perform any transactions with it. If it appears back, the new hearing aid can not be exchanged or returned for the one provided.

Discount to apply on PVP in force:

year 1year 2year 3year 4year 5

You can choose the payment plan that suits you best: 12, 18, 24 or 36 months.

All options are interest-FREE.

Select the payment method Payment Plan when placing your order and follow the instructions, we will only process the order once all the data and the financial information have been confirmed and the firm has accepted the operation.

Financing Proposal
12 months €/month finanaced in 12 months WITHOUT interest.
18 months €/month finanaced in 18 months WITHOUT interest.
24 months €/month finanaced in 24 months WITHOUT interest.
36 months €/month finanaced in 36 months WITHOUT interest.

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