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Doro 7010 Mobile Phone

Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
Doro 7010 Mobile Phone
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Delivery time 10-12 working days with a 5,75€ cost. Free from 100€.

Withdrawal 15 days

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Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

The good of the classic with the best of now

The phone manufacturer Doro has always had a clear goal: to make communication accessible to the maximum number of people, whatever their situation. For this reason, its engineers work tirelessly to design models that help people with hearing, vision or motor difficulties. The Doro 7010 phone is the solution for those who prefer the simplicity of old mobiles but with the advantages of the current ones.

Clearer conversations

Using the telephone is often one of the biggest challenges that a person with hearing problems faces on a daily basis. For this reason, the Doro 7010 amplifies the sound of the conversation by up to 35 dB to make it easier for you to hear what they are saying and allows you to establish an optional configuration to raise the sounds of the mobile. Furthermore, the Doro 7010 is a hearing aid compatible phone.

Better visibility

Many telephones are very useful but difficult to use if you have a visual or motor impairment. To alleviate this problem, the Doro 7010 presents a simple and configurable interface in which you can decide between different screen modes to ensure the best visibility. In addition, you will interact with it thanks to a physical keyboard that will allow you to make no mistakes when pressing.

Simple and practical

The Doro 7010 has the simplicity of use of monobloc mobiles but it treasures a good part of the possibilities of current telephones. It comes with integrated WhatsApp, Facebook, and web browser so you stay in touch with the people you care about. You can also take photos and videos to send them to whoever you want. All this with the accessibility provided by the EVA interface, Doro's own assistant, which will assist you throughout the initial setup process and help you make the most of the functions of your phone. EVA makes technology fun, accessible, and easy to use for everyone.

Always calm

Does your family worry about you if they can't find you? The Doro 7010 allows that, as long as you agree, your family or close friends can use the myDoro app to access your Doro 7010 whenever they want. In this way, they can see if you have run out of battery or if you have left the phone silent. On the other hand, the Doro 7010 also has an assistance button linked directly to the phone numbers of your choice so that you can notify them if you have an emergency. It will even automatically send them your GPS coordinates so they can locate you.


  • Conversation sound amplified up to 35 dB.
  • Hearing aid compatible (M3/T3).
  • Optional display modes optimized for visually impaired users.
  • Wifi and 4G.
  • Integrated WhatsApp, Facebook and web browser.
  • 1.3GB internal storage and MicroSD support up to 128GB.
  • 320X240 pixel image definition.
  • 3 MP camera.
  • GPS.
  • EVA assistance interface.
  • Alert button with coordinates sending.
  • MyDoro external access application.

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