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Doro 2424 Mobile Phone

Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone
Doro 2424 Mobile Phone

Delivery time 10-12 working days with a 5,75€ cost. Free from 100€.

Withdrawal 15 days

You have 15 days to decide if you want to keep the product or not. Check the Conditions of Withdrawal.

Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

Making your life easier

The phone manufacturer Doro has always had a clear goal: to make communication accessible to the maximum number of people, whatever their situation. For this reason, its engineers work tirelessly to design models that help people with hearing, vision or motor difficulties. The Doro 2424 is a classic design mobile with some advantages to overcome these difficulties.

Amplify your contacts

Using the telephone is often one of the biggest challenges that a hearing-impaired person faces on a daily basis. That's why the Doro 2424 solves two of the main problems you run into. On the one hand, it amplifies the volume of the conversation by 35 dB so that you can understand better. On the other hand, you can also amplify the sound of the ringbell until it exceeds 83 dB so that no call escapes you. Also, this mobile phone is hearing aid compatible.

A simple and quality mobile

The Doro 2424 is an elegant flip phone like the old ones. It consists of two screens: an internal one to carry out all your actions and an external one that alerts you of any call or notification. In addition, it offers you a physical keypad with the buttons spaced enough to make it easy to use. On the other hand, it incorporates a camera for fun and a Bluetooth 3.0 connection. The Doro 2424 is a mobile like the ones you used to have before, without complications.

Prepared for any emergency

The Doro 2424 features an assistance button that you can link directly to phone numbers of your choice. In case of emergency, press this alert button and the phone will automatically call several contacts that you have chosen until you establish contact with one of them. Whatever happens, you can count on those around you.


  • Amplified sound up to 35 dB and ringbell above 83 dB.
  • Hearing aid compatible (M4/T4).
  • Optional display modes optimized for visually impaired users.
  • External display with notifications.
  • 2G.
  • GPS.
  • MicroSD compatible.
  • Bluetooth 3.0.
  • 320X240 pixel image definition.
  • 3 MP photo camera.
  • Alert button with call.
  • Charging base included.
  • Hands-free kit included.

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