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Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R

Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Teleaudiology Compatible
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
Hearing Aid Envy AI 2400 RIC R
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Price includes custom fitting and programming of the hearing aid. At Claso Audiología all hearing aids are fitted by an Audiologist in person.

Manufacturer warranty

3 years Spain legal warranty.

Try them 15 days

Try them for 15 days in your daily life to assess their performance and start the habituation process.

The best artificial intelligence at your service

The main objective of hearing aids is to ensure that the user understands speech as much as possible with the least effort, whatever the situation. MicroTech's Envy AI hearing aids focus all their efforts on achieving this goal. These hearing aids present the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology so that your hearing aids continually learn and thus improve the understanding of the speech that you encounter in your daily life. Your Envy AI works in your real world. In addition, this cutting-edge technology allows you to activate its excellent Edge mode easily and intuitively. This mode automatically adapts to the most problematic environments, whether due to environmental or other issues (for example, the use of masks), simply by tapping your ear or through its app. The Envy AI puts the most cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence at your entire service.


Understand better in most noisy environments

There are times when you find yourself in very noisy environments that affect your ability to listen to your interlocutor. MicroTech's Envy AI are capable of differentiating different types of noise and acting accordingly differently depending on the case. On the one hand, it recognizes continuous background noise, such as the general atmosphere of a restaurant. On the other hand, it also differentiates between noises that happen suddenly, such as dishes falling to the floor in said restaurant. Finally, it recognizes soft but continuous sounds that can end up being annoying, such as the noise of the air conditioning. In the same place, it will act differently to each of these sounds. It will even reduce wind noise if necessary. This way, your hearing aids will help you understand whatever environment you face.


Direct connection to the world around you

MicroTech's Envy AI hearing aids allow you to connect directly through your mobile's Bluetooth. This allows you to use them as wireless headphones for calls, streaming videos, music or audio messages. This direct connection is available if you are an iPhone user or with select mobile phones with Android 10.0 and Bluetooth 5.0. If you are also a user of an iPhone 11 or higher, this connectivity is done in two directions, which means that you can not only listen but also use them as a complete hands-free device. If your mobile phone is not compatible, you can continue taking advantage of all these advantages with the MicroTech Remote Microphone + accessory. In addition to this accessory, you have at your disposal a wide range of wireless accessories to get the most out of your hearing aids: from listening to television directly on your hearing aids with its TV transmitter to controlling them discreetly with its remote control. You can also improve your understanding in extremely difficult situations with its portable Remote Microphone + and Mini Remote Microphone or with its Table Microphone designed especially for groups.*


Energy at your pace

The MicroTech's Envy AI are rechargeable hearing aids that, thanks to their low-consumption rechargeable lithium-ion battery, offer you excellent sound quality for a maximum of 24 hours depending on the streaming usage time. Its easy and intuitive charger allows you to recharge them without having to worry about their contacts or connections. You just have to insert them into their respective slots and that's it. In just over 3 hours it will fully charge your hearing aids. In addition, this charger is an energy accumulator, which makes it a travel charger as it can carry out three complete recharges of two hearing aids without having to look for a plug.


Your pocket hearing care professional

Whether at home, on vacation or at work, your Envy AIs are ready to hold remote sessions with your audiologist. Through a video call made with their Thrive App, you can connect with your hearing care professional, tell them what worries you and they will apply the necessary changes to your programming to solve it in real time. Like an in-person session but without having to go to your center. With MicroTech's Envy AI, the future of teleaudiology is a present reality that will allow you to get the most out of your hearing wherever you are. **


They not only take care of your hearing

MicroTech's Envy AI not only take care of your hearing but also try to take care of your health. With its Thrive App, your hearing aids will be able to monitor different aspects related to your general well-being such as your activity levels or the steps you have taken during the day. This way, you can set goals that help you lead a healthier life. On the other hand, it also has the ability to detect if you fall and notify contacts that you have previously selected so that they can come to help you. MicroTech not only cares about making you hear better but also making you live better.


Customize your hearing easily

The best companion for your Envy AI is the Thrive App mobile application. With it, you can control the volume of your hearing aids, as well as customize their sound so that they work the way you like best. Additionally, you can geotag a specific location for the settings you've created and the next time you're there, they'll automatically switch to it. On the other hand, it also has several very practical features, such as helping you find your hearing aids if you lose them or automatically turning them off if you take them off and leave them on a table to save energy. Finally, this application has the ability to transcribe speech so that, if necessary, you can read what they say to you and save it on your mobile and it can even translate it into one of the 27 main languages on the planet. Thrive App opens a world of possibilities in the palm of your hand.



Download for IOS 12 or higher

Download for Android devices with version 7.0 or higher (not all Android smartphones are compatible)

*check the compatibility of your mobile here.

**remote adjustments can be enjoyed within the Claso Care service or by paying for each session.

Hearing Aid styleRechargeable
Hearing LossSevere
Max Gain71 dB
MPO131 dB
BatteryRechargeable battery
Water ResistantWater resistant hearing aid including water, sweat, moisture and dust.
Performance levelPremium
Manual volume controlYes
Bluetooth®Made For iPhone (MFI)
Manual programs4
Micro directionalityAdaptative
Sudden noise reducer5 Stars
Wind noise reducer5 Stars
Spectral transformationIt shifts the acute frequencies downwards in the sound spectrum, improving audibility and sound quality at high frequencies, particularly in speech signals.
Sound generator TinnitusYes
Noise reducer5 Stars
Edge ModeThe user actively chooses this mode to adapt to the most difficult environments and situations with the help of artificial intelligence.
Tap ControlThe user can control the main Bluetooth functions by double-tapping their own outer ear.
Health sensorsThrough the manufacturer's own application, the user can consult different data related to their general health and their activity.
Voice AIThanks to artificial intelligence, the hearing aid improves speech understanding through continuous learning in your daily life.
Speech TranscriptionThrough the manufacturer's application, the hearing aid transcribes your interlocutor's speech on your mobile screen so you can read what they say.
Speech translationThrough the manufacturer's application, the hearing aid translates your interlocutor's speech into the main languages ​​of the world.
Fall alertThrough the manufacturer's application, the hearing aid detects if you fall to the ground and notifies the contacts that you have previously selected so that they come to help you.


Claso Care includes all hearing services you need to ensure your maximum tranquility and satisfaction. You can add it at the time of the purchase from 1 to 5 years. Renewable whenever you want, just contact us and we will extend it for 150 € per year.

Which services are included exactly?


We monitor hearing loss and adjust hearing aid accordingly, with as many visits as you need.


We're always there to address your queries and issues and discuss improvements to your hearing aid.


With Claso Care you won't just be extending your hearing-aid manufacturer's warranty, we'll also give you all the batteries you need for free.


It's very common to make adjustments to your hearing aid in keeping with your hearing loss.


To make sure your hearing aid is working properly, clear out obstructions, clean moulds, etc. Hearing aids need to be adjusted once or twice a year.


All of them, including those not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. As long as your hearing aid is not declared total sinister, you will be fully covered.


We create made-to-measure products for our customers. The moulds are included and will be adapted and renewed as often as necessary for the duration of your Claso Care plan.


If your hearing aid takes longer than 5 days to repair, we'll provide you with a replacement while yours is repaired.


We'll be with you from the word go, advising you in keeping with your needs: price, aesthetics, connectivity, size... and we'll also be there with you throughout the span the span of your hearing health.

By purchasing this insurance you will be able to renew your hearing aid with special conditions in case of loss or theft during the 5 years after purchase. The new hearing aid purchased with special conditions will have a manufacturer's legal warranty of 3 years. Once executed the warranty of this insurance, the hearing aid lost/stolen will be deregistered and will not be repaired anymore neither perform any transactions with it. If it appears back, the new hearing aid can not be exchanged or returned for the one provided.

Discount to apply on PVP in force:

year 1year 2year 3year 4year 5

You can choose the payment plan that suits you best: 12, 18, 24 or 36 months.

All options are interest-FREE.

Select the payment method Payment Plan when placing your order and follow the instructions, we will only process the order once all the data and the financial information have been confirmed and the firm has accepted the operation.

Financing Proposal
12 months €/month finanaced in 12 months WITHOUT interest.
18 months €/month finanaced in 18 months WITHOUT interest.
24 months €/month finanaced in 24 months WITHOUT interest.
36 months €/month finanaced in 36 months WITHOUT interest.

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