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Earprotech Sherpa custom protector

Earprotech Sherpa custom protector
Earprotech Sherpa custom protector
Ex Tax: 90.00€

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Custom product

To make them we need to take the impressions of your ears. We only take impressions at the Claso Audiology hearing centers in Barcelona by appointment

Fit warranty

For 30 days we can retouch the custom molds to make them fit perfectly.


Delivery time 12-15 working days from the impression taking with a 5,75€ cost. Free from 100€.

Feel free with Sherpa

For many people, the motorcycle is more than just a comfortable means of transportation. It can represent feeling free in the face of an infinity of possible paths to take. The motorcycle can also connect you with other people, feeling like part of a big family. In other cases, it is also an adrenaline rush that makes you feel good or push your own limits within a competition. We are not going to deny it. There is nothing more inspiring than the roar of an engine. Of course, sometimes, it is necessary to take precautions against that inspiring sound. Intensive exposure to it, as with any other loud noise, can lead to hearing problems, from tinnitus to hearing loss. Luckily, there is a perfect solution for you and its name is Sherpa.

Protect your hearing comfortably

The expert manufacturer of hearing protectors Earprotech offers you Sherpa, earplugs made to measure and specially designed to protect the ears of motorcyclists. They are made of a comfortable soft silicone that molds perfectly to your ear canal, as well as being resistant and durable. Thanks to its design with the most cutting-edge 3D technology, the Sherpa are manufactured with an empty interior so that you can use them under the helmet and for long periods of time. In addition, they incorporate an external ventilation channel to give you comfort and prevent you from feeling completely isolated from the outside. Sherpa will protect you from noise effectively without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

Tailor-made for you in all aspects

In addition to being made according to the exact size of your ears, Sherpa protectors are molded to you according to the needs you present. Regarding the material, you can choose between three levels of hardness: soft (which is its default setting), extra soft or medium hardness. On the aesthetic side, you can choose from a multitude of colors and apply a matte or glossy finish. Earprotech Sherpa protectors show you that protection is not incompatible with superior aesthetics.


  • Made to measure using 3D technology.
  • Soft, comfortable and durable silicone material.
  • Interior emptied to be comfortable under the helmet.
  • Ventilation to avoid isolation from the outside.
  • Three levels of hardness to choose from.
  • Different color and finish options.

Note: this product is not approved as personal protective equipment (PPE) according to EN352-2. Therefore, they are only suitable for private use.


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