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Serenity Choice Comfort hearing protectors

Serenity Choice Comfort hearing protectors
Serenity Choice Comfort hearing protectors
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The hustle and bustle of your office

Talks at high volume, the phone ringing continuously, the air conditioning in the background, the printer, the computer fans ... There are times that staying focused in your office is very difficult due to the constant background noise. This makes tasks that you know how to do perfectly, such as programming, writing a letter or preparing a budget, more difficult to carry out. And that's without taking into account the stress it can cause you. Thanks to Serenity Choice Comfort from Phonak, you will forget about these annoyances caused by the noise of your office.

Get your focus back

Serenity Choice Comfort is an earplug that allows you to reduce all these sounds to an acceptable level without feeling isolated. Background conversations take a back seat and noises such as telephones or printers become less intrusive. All this without having to give up the conversations that you maintain or the naturalness of the sound by reducing its entire spectrum. In addition, it is designed to be discreet and comfortable, allowing you to wear it all day without suffering any discomfort. And all this with the quality assurance of Phonak, a leading company in the field of hearing.


  • It adapts perfectly to your ear by including different sizes of ear adapters.
  • They are hygienic thanks to their acoustic filters with net technology that allow your ears to be perfectly ventilated.
  • They are made with hypoallergenic material (TPE for medical use) to take care of your health.
  • They preserve the natural sound of the environment around you so that you are aware of what is happening.

Package includes:

  • 2 adapters of each size (S, M, L).
  • 2 acoustic filters of 16 dB.
  • Carrying case in the form of a keychain.
  • User manual.

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