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Resound Remote Control 2

Resound Remote Control 2
Resound Remote Control 2
Resound Remote Control 2
Resound Remote Control 2
Resound Remote Control 2
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3 years Spain legal warranty.

Visual control of your hearing aids

The Remote Control 2 is a remote with a screen that allows you to control the operation of your ReSound hearing aids in a visual, intuitive and discreet way. With this accessory, you can control the volume of your hearing aids, either individually or both at the same time, and choose which program you want to use at that time. It can also be linked to other ReSound accessories, allowing you to connect to the streaming of these directly with the remote. It even allows you to choose the volume of the transmission and the microphones of your hearing aids separately so you can decide which sound you want to prioritize. All this accompanied by a discreet, elegant and incredibly practical design thanks to the visual information provided by the screen. You can see how they are configured at a glance.


  • Easy to use. At the touch of a button you can control the volume, mute and change the program.
  • You can adjust the volume monaurally and binaurally.
  • You can clearly see the configuration of your hearing instruments on a high-contrast LCD screen.
  • Elegant, small and manageable.
  • Rechargeable with indication of the battery status.
  • Compatible with the rest of the Resound family of accessories.
  • Stable and reliable thanks to its 2.4 GHz Bluetooth.

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