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Serenity Choice Sleep Plus hearing protectors

Serenity Choice Sleep Plus hearing protectors
Serenity Choice Sleep Plus hearing protectors
Ex Tax: 132.23€
Custom product

To make them we need to take the impressions of your ears. We only take impressions at the Claso Audiology hearing centers in Barcelona by appointment

Fit warranty

For 30 days we can retouch the custom molds to make them fit perfectly.


Delivery time 12-15 working days from the impression taking with a 5,75€ cost. Free from 100€.

The rest you need

It's much more difficult for all of us to face a new day if we haven't been able to sleep well. Our mood worsens, we have less concentration at work, physical efforts are harder for us… Therefore, the quality of our sleep is one of the most important points to maintain good health, both physical and mental. One of the factors that most influence this aspect are the nocturnal noises that keep us awake. A bar under your house that doesn't let you sleep on weekends, a person who always has the television very loud, those noisy neighbors who always have guests who leave very late ... Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep Plus protectors are custom made earplugs designed for all those people who can't sleep because of night noises. You can finally enjoy a good night's sleep!

A dream tailored to you

The Serenity Choice Sleep Plus are custom made with hypoallergenic silicone to ensure a perfect fit to the physiology of your ear. In addition, they're manufactured exclusively in a mini shell format (plugging only the duct) to ensure that they don't bother you if you usually sleep on your side with your ear resting on the pillow. In this way, they ensure maximum protection and comfort for a longer time. The Serenity Choice Sleep Plus eliminate or reduce noise to non-invasive levels. Snoring, noisy neighbors, street cars... All these sounds will stop being annoying and you'll finally be able to sleep soundly. With Serenity Choice Sleep Plus, you'll sleep like a log.


  • Designed for people who cannot rest properly due to night noises such as snoring, traffic, noisy neighbors...
  • Comfortable and safe as they adapt perfectly to your ear as they are made to measure.
  • Made of hypoallergenic silicone.
  • Manufactured in a mini shell format (plugging only the duct) to ensure maximum comfort.


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