Hearing aids are products that serve an irreplaceable function today, and are an immense help to many, many people. The technology of these devices and the world of hearing in general is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the list of functionalities offered by hearing aids is becoming more and more extensive and varied.

That said, we cannot ignore the fact that the economic impact of a hearing aid means that when choosing a high-end device more than one has to think very carefully. Today we are presenting a collection of hearing aids with top-quality Bluetooth functionality at a more than reasonable price: the Zerena 1 and 3 Bluetooth hearing aids.

The Zerena 1 and 3 from Bernafon were born with the idea of offering great performance at a reduced price. That means that their level may not be as advanced as their "big brothers", but we assure you that their benefits are not at all negligible.

Bluetooth hearing aids

The Zerena have very powerful Bluetooth functionalities, which means that you will receive the audio from your iPhone directly to your headphones, be it for calls, listening to music, etc. These capabilities are extended to other devices, such as your TV, thanks to SoundClip-A and TV-A technologies, which you will be able to adapt to these headphones.

These hearing aids also show an evolution towards fully dynamic behaviour. This means that Bernafon's patented technology performs a continuous analysis of the sound environment, and generates an appropriate response to each acoustic situation. This technology is based on four pillars:

Continuous environmental detection analyses the environment with high speed and precision.

Dynamic Noise Management™ effectively eliminates noise and negatively affects speech.

Dynamic Amplification Control™ is a dynamic amplification control that measures the speech-to-noise ratio and directs information to Dynamic Speech Processing Processing™.

Dynamic Speech Processing™ is a dynamic speech processing that amplifies the signal based on the level and information of the dynamic environment it receives from DAC™.

The Zerena 1 and 3 bluetooth hearing aids are available in all hearing aid models: Retroauriculars, Canal Receivers and Intras.

In both cases, we have very good offers. Of these, the Zerena 3 is the most powerful, being the range of the Zerena 1 more basic and with fewer options, but when combined with the SoundClip-A or the TV streamer their possibilities are multiplied. Both Bluetooth headphones are very adaptive, their connectivity being one of their strengths.

If you need a powerful, modern hearing aid at a reasonable price, the Zerena 1 and 3 can be a very good choice. Say hello to the new year by listening better than ever!