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Claso 12 Feb 2021 0 4118
Greek culture was one of the most influential in history. At its peak, it spread across the Mediterranean, leaving its indelible mark throughout Europe and Asia. They created the foundations of what ..
Claso 11 Dec 2020 0 3138
Since the pandemic started, what things do you miss? You may be thinking about the smiles, which have gone into hiding. But, what if we told you that transparent masks are already a reality? Its name:..
Claso 10 Dec 2020 0 5618
When we refer to one of Claso's favorite brands, it is very likely that we are talking about Phonak. Having them in our product catalog is synonymous with peace of mind. And we know that a brand that ..
Claso 17 Sep 2020 0 6368
ReSound has just introduced ONE, its new family of hearing aids. This famous manufacturer has always being involved on technologically innovating with the clear objective of making your hearing as or..
Claso 08 Sep 2020 1 7110
Phonak has done it again. They always manage to surprise professionals and users when they present a new hearing aid and their new Paradise series has not disappointed in this regard. On this occasio..
Claso 18 Mar 2020 0 4764
Who doesn't want to hear the sea breeze? Or the sound of the waves. Or even the silence. The new Phonak hearing aids make sure that you don't miss out on these little pleasures and they have done so ..
Claso 06 Mar 2020 0 5029
February is the shortest month of the year but it has ended with great news. As always, we want you to be the first to discover the next release that will revolutionize the audiology industry. Get re..
Claso 19 Feb 2020 0 6839
Would you like to attend a premiere? The leading Phonak hearing aid brand has introduced Virto Marvel Black and we at Claso want you to be the first to know about this launch. It is not a hearing aid..
Claso 24 Dec 2019 0 6231
The new Leox hearing systems from Bernafon are arguably superior. There are many brands and models on the market that can do the job of amplifying sound, but they have little to do with the quality ..
Claso 19 Nov 2019 0 5878
Today buying good hearing aids is within reach of many more people. Although there are very advanced models, with an infinity of features, there are also simpler and therefore cheaper ones. At Claso..
Claso 14 Nov 2019 0 4882
Thanks to technology, today it is very easy to wear hearing aids without anyone noticing. But not only that, it also allows you to enjoy exceptional sound. The discretion and quality of the new mode..
Claso 05 Nov 2019 0 5229
For several years the ReSound brand has had devices that connect to the user's smartphone to make it easier to use the functionalities of the hearing instruments. However, these options were not ava..
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