consejos para proteger los oidos

Many of the activities of our day to day generate benefits in your hearing system but as you may not know, we have gathered 5 things you can do to take care of your ears in a responsible way and have a good time.


Puzzles fight your hearing loss


We have already told you that the brain plays a fundamental role in the processing of the sonorous information that our ears receive, so we cannot ignore its role. Moreover, research has shown that there are links between hearing loss and mental conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Solving a variety of puzzles such as crosswords, word searches and Sudokus a little bit everyday or a couple of hours a week are enjoyable exercises to make your brain work and prevent brain atrophy. You can also play bingo and or cards with your friends and in the process, don't miss those moments with them.


Do yoga to improve your hearing


Yoga is known and widely practiced for its variety of health benefits. We are not going to mention them here but we invite you to discover them as well as the culture behind them. In addition, some of these yoga exercises also help to take care of your ears. The main objective is to increase the circulation in them and in the brain, thus improving nerve functions and eliminating waste and toxins.

If you practice yoga, you will recognize postures such as the tree, lotus, cobra and triangle. Now you know that you are also taking care of your hearing system.


Daily exercise


As with yoga, any other physical practice is recommended to take care of your ears and keep your brain in the best health condition. When we talk about exercise, it doesn't mean running a marathon. That's up to you! But, we can't forget that going for a walk a little every day is a good way to start introducing healthy habits.  

And remember: don't exercise while listening to loud music, as repeated exposure to loud noises can cause significant damage.


Meditate to improve your hearing


Meditate at home, in a quiet corner or meditate in a park where you will be surrounded by various natural sounds. But meditate. While doing so, take a deep breath to help the blood circulation and increase the oxygen in your body. Focus in and out of every sound around you and try to locate where it comes from. This exercise will help you concentrate on decoding sounds in noisy environments and determining their location. Therefore, it is an excellent workout for your ears.


Play the finding sounds game


Hearing exercises can help you focus on the source of sounds and discover the source. Let's propose a game.


  • Place a radio or speaker in a corner of the room and play music or a sound at a comfortable volume.

  • Then, place another sound source in a different area of the room and turn up the volume until the combination of the two sounds creates a noisy environment.

  • Then, invite someone to move around the room while reading excerpts from a book or newspaper.

  • Meanwhile, you close your eyes, repeat what he or she is reading, and at the same time, try to locate where he or she is reading from.


It may seem like a jigsaw puzzle, but activities like this promote hearing health. Even if you wear hearing aids, you can exercise them because we should never forget to take care of our ears.  


Untreated hearing loss has been shown to affect cognition, health and well-being. Why wait? Also, you know that at Claso, we love listening to you.