audifonos bluetooth

The new technological advances in Bluetooth audiology


Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and of course, also in the world of hearing aids, improving products and optimizing usability and user comfort.
In this way, it has opted for the union between the mobile phone and hearing aids, thanks to applications developed with the aim of continuing improving people's lives.

What do Bluetooth hearing aids consist of?

These new hearing aids incorporate bluetooth connectivity, providing solutions to situations that until now were a problem, both for the person who has hearing problems and for those around him. For example, the fact of increasing the volume of the television to levels that are annoying for the people who accompany. Now, through bluetooth connectivity, the hearing aid is linked directly to the TV, mobile phone or any other hearing device wirelessly in unbeatable quality, so listening well is easier than ever.

Thus, wearing a hearing aid has become a headset, being able to listen to television turned up to an appropriate level, music or even talk on the phone with the best audio quality.


Another great advantage is that when you receive incoming calls, your hearing aid will warn you, so it will not be necessary to take it to the maximum volume, or always stuck to you if you receive a call and you do not notice.

There are specific applications for hearing aids, such as "Phonak's Remote App", an exclusive tool for Audeo Marvel hearing aids, making it possible to change the volume whenever you need it, as well as to link or disconnect from the audio of your television among others.
Now wearing a hearing aid will take you beyond listening, it will also allow you to enjoy.

And with a range of 15 metres, you won't feel limited by distance.