'Itemized' Hearing Aids ... whaaat?


If this is your first hearing this, it may sound weird to you, but we are sure that after reading this post you will understand and possibly share our point of view.


For decades the way of selling and adapting hearing aids has been submerged in a maelstrom of opacity and ignorance on the part of the consumers, making of the -high- price of the hearing aids inseparable, where it was assumed that the price of the same included a lifetime hearing service. While it is true and irrefutable that hearing aids require a hearing after-sales service by your audiologist, the price of this service has always been diluted in the total price of the purchase.


As is logical and normal, new technologies are allowing to evolve into business models that are much more productive and sustainable for consumers. It's no secret that the Internet has changed the world and much more that it will, so it would be ridiculous to think that selling hearing aids - those tiny devices loaded with cutting-edge technology to improve your life quality- do not. Today we are here to tell you.


More and more professionals worldwide advocate for a more transparent, innovative and empowering practice of their clients, making them part of the solution to their hearing loss. Just as we buy computers, cars, glasses, appliances or any other product in an active way and being knowledgeable about the benefits that these products offer us, with hearing aids happens the same thing. Nowadays anyone with hearing problems has more information than he can ever process to make a hearing aid purchase in a totally conscious and participative way. An informed customer is a demanding customer looking for effective, easy and above all, personalized solutions.


While it is true that trends can become standard, the reality is that today, as far as the Spanish market is concerned, professional practices are far from those of our European neighbors, and not so European, when talking about 'Itemized' Hearing aids. The vast majority of companies currently sell their hearing aids 'as it has always been done', including the hearing service in the total price of the hearing aid and thus can make a profit in advance of services not rendered. This naturally implies a significant increase in prices and creates a bad and disconcerting consumer feeling, since he never knows how much he pays for each 'Item'.


How much is the hearing service worth? What hearing service do I really need?

To be sure of what you buy, you must know beforehand how much it is worth. One must be connected and aware of what is worth. At Claso we tell you clearly, our hearing aid Claso Care is worth 150€ a year and per hearing aid, you decide when and how because we know that you deserve the possibility of choosing what suits you the best. This is why we strongly support this increasingly widespread trend and we put the real price to the hearing aids we adapt.


The auditory service that each one needs, depends mainly on their experience as a user. The more experience the consumer has, the more autonomous he is and consequently the less basic maintenance service his hearing aids require. For example, there are a lot of tasks you can do yourself, such as changing the filter, unclogging the ventilation channel or basic cleaning of your hearing aids or molds, and all of them make it necessary to check your hearing once or twice a year. It is also true that the first time requires a period of adaptation and acceptance that can last from days to a few months and this makes the hearing service that each one needs really unique according to the stage in which he is.


The fact of separating the price of the product and the service -or 'Item-raise' the hearing aids- affects users directly and positively as it has a substantial improvement in prices, making them much more affordable while providing freedom of choice. This implies geographical mobility, without having to pay for a service that you will not use if at some point you can not go to your center and not have to submit to 3 to 5 year contracts. It involves paying what you want when you want it and above all, learn from the product you buy and understand all the benefits that can be provided by one model or another.


We, as professionals, have the duty to recommend the best hearing solution for you. The hearing goes with the person, that's why we want you to choose, because it's only for you. We will inform you and empathize with your hearing to squeeze your hearing aids to the maximum and offer you the best listening experience possible. We know that only in this way will we fulfill your expectations.

And remember, a hearing aid is nothing without a good audiologist behind it.


As you will see, something is changing. Now more than ever, your hearing can become more part of you. That's why we are proud to be pioneers in adapting 'Itemized' hearing aids in this country, because we believe it benefits you and is good for you.